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Anyone ever use a Dynaco Quadadapter QDP-i
It is a very simple circuit.  Basically you run a wire off of each channels positive output and run it through one or two rear speakers (in series) and throw on a volume control.   You need the rear channels placed as far back as you can to add so... 
Reverb, what a joke
Reverb misrepresents what they have in stock and at what price.  Move on.  
Don’t fight your speakers.
Agreed.  If the speakers have a fundamental flaw, it is cost ineffective (and a bit nuts) to work all your other components around that flaw.  Start with the speakers, then pick a complimentary amp, then pick the best source you can afford.  
Brass versus copper binding posts
Ah, those darn connectors.  Seems there is no perfect solution.  Gold and Rhodium don't oxidize, but they are not very good conductors.  I had an silver plated AQ rca plug that literally turned black.  That can't be good.   Here is another fact t... 
Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!
Now I see how some members can accrue so many posts.  It's really quite easy when you have nothing helpful to say.  Just post any random thought you have.  
Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!
"Monitor Audio has been around for well over 50 years, Tekton has not.  Monitor Audio designs it’s own drivers, Tekton does not. Monitor Audio has a group of designers and engineers, Tekton does not. Monitor Audio is a large corporation with $$$ f... 
What Is Most Important?
Contentment.  Assuming you have assembled a system that delivers what you value, at some point you have to jump off the merry go round.   When I near the end, can't imagine I will care what 6L6 tube sounds "the best".  
HELIOS Speaker Kit
Jeff Bagby was one of the most talented speaker designers to ever hit the DIY community.  All of his designs have been carefully thought out and perform very well--both by ear and by measurements. To say that "he has no idea what he is talking ab... 
Deciding Between the Marantz Model 30 and McIntosh MA252
I have not heard the McIntosh unit but I am well familiar with Marantz.  While the Marantz does not lack in detail to my ear, I would hesitate to call it analytical.  Here is a quote form Paul Seydor in his review of the Ruby: "Once asked what so... 
What is a good turntable preamp under $500?
+2 for the Bellari.  The headphone section performs very well to boot.  
Deciding Between the Marantz Model 30 and McIntosh MA252
@germanmartinez If you want any useful info, you really need to state what qualities YOU value in an amp to complement the gear you have. Otherwise, all you will receive is what OTHERS want in their amps.  
Adding a sub. - can i start with one?
Change the E to an S. That is, the RSL speedwoofer will be back in stock soon.  Compact yet potent bass for $449.  Considering your budget, imagine how a DBA including SIX(!) of these would sound.  May well be very very tough for one sub to keep ... 
Tekton Double Impacts
@jcs01     Have no fear, you will enjoy your new DI SE's very much indeed.  I have had my DI's for years now and you should know I am intolerant of bright or edgy speakers.  They obviously are anything but that.   As stated many times, they are r... 
Up to $4000US tower speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
@jcatdcat    Hope you did not think I was suggesting the Moabs are out of his budget.  I was referring to suggestions that are thousands beyond his upper limit.   Your suggestion of the Moabs, from everything I have read, is excellent and I am su... 
Mirage M1 Speakers.
Agree with the above.  Had a pair of M-5si and they were driven beautifully by a Rotel 990 power amp. Hard to believe a pair of 6.5" woofers could soak up all the juice the 990's put out.  Great combo.