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Ported versus sealed speakers: is one type better?
Several important points have been made. I'll add just a couple more.--back in the day when BR designs were poorly tuned, they were touted to "more efficient" because of a peak that was tuned too high.  So you gained more "boom" and "efficiency" i... 
What Percentage Off Would You Expect to Discount For Open Box Amp with Blemish
This is a very poor question.  We do not know the blem or what the product is.  Ask a poor question and get a poor answer. 
Tekton Design Moab
You are going to love the Moabs.  No question about that.  After moving a bunch of 300# boulders this past week, 135# is looking not so bad.  That is the only negative I can come up with.As to those who can only post they are ugly--well thank you ... 
Anyone else impressed with modern Marantz integrated?
Years ago had a PM 8005 in a second system.  It thought it's SQ was very impressive and preferred it over a well regarded power amp outputting 200wpc and driving Magneplaner 1.7's no less. 
Buyer's request. If Sellers could list photos of units on with lights.
Normally I would have dismissed this post.  But guess what I have spent the week doing.  Trying to diagnose a nonfunctional LED on a 10/10 integrated bought on this site!  Photo or not, the seller ought to have noted that.  Shame on him.  But yes,... 
Tekton Double Impacts
@zenbikefish   If you are maxed out at 4k,  you would be limited to the DI's with Be tweeter--right?  At least if buying new.  I find the Tektons to be neutral speakers that emphasize no part of the spectrum.  As another option you could do the SE... 
Is room treatment a science?
As stated above, GIK can be a good resource if you need a consult and product.  If you have an idea on what you need, Audiomute is another good and affordable product line.  If cost is an issue, most all of this can be a DIY project.  Don't over d... 
Ferrule with banana connector
I think a pure copper/gold plated ferrule is perfectly fine if not preferable to screwing the wire directly.  Thinner wires tend to be damaged/sheared off by the turning of a set screw.  The ferrules keeps all the wires tidy, undamaged, in close p... 
What is the average dealer mark up?
I agree with your comments on Tekton.  But did you ever feel guilty paying your friend just 5% above cost?  Must have been a really good friend. 
Beware of Wayne's audio - Poor product quality & worst business ethics
I tell all buyers the burden is on them to secure the goods.  If I have a photo of the goods on their doorstep and they were to lazy to take it in--that's their problem.Wayne sounds like a piece of work.  How did you pay for this?  Did you check h... 
Jeff Bagby passes away due to Covid
It seems there is so much wrong in this world currently.  Jeff's life should be an inspiration to many of us.  Hope that I can live up to the example you set Jeff.  God bless your family--they are in my prayers tonight. 
Jeff Bagby passes away due to Covid
Very sad to hear this indeed.  Jeff came up with some great designs for the DIY community that I have followed over the years with interest.  Hope his family knows how much his work was appreciated by so many of us. 
End of the World system
Assuming they had a bathroom, I'd grab the toilet paper. 
Tekton Double Impacts
It might be good to just enjoy your new speakers for a while with your current gear and then sort out what your sonic priorities are.  If you have a number of CD's, yes, you can do better than your oppo bdp 103.  That's a nice all around player bu... 
Tekton Double Impacts
@drlisz  Glad you like your new SE's.  Congrats.  I suspect you will have many years of enjoyment from them.  Your comments parallel many others who have experienced this speaker.  While we all have different hearing, preferences, we should be abl...