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Best way to wipe off the dust cleaning the gear
The Swiffer Snail already exists.  Small problem though.  Seems to prefer the taste of aluminum cantilevers over dust.  Another vote for the more conventional Swiffer. 
Conrad-Johnson Discolored (rusty?) Allen screws on side of MF-2550.
Had the same thing of a Bellari phono amp. Remove the screws.Clean as aboveShove the threaded end into styrofoam and spray paint heads of the allen screws.  Make sure to let the paint harden for a week or so before replacing them. 
Why not more popular?
I owned a pair of EP KCII Pro's for the better part of a year.  I knew I was not able to set them up ideally--could only place them 30" off the front wall.  Even so, they imaged wonderfully--of course, depth was limited but excellent height and wi... 
To all those who celebrate!
@valinar   Thank you my friend for your kind words.  After a difficult year, I hope and pray that this Easter joy carries forward in our lives and is evident to those around us. 
A bit of an epiphany...with humble embarrassment
I recall the first time I did the very same thing.  It was a game changer for me and many of us. Welcome to the club! 
To all those who celebrate!
He has risen indeed!Just received wonderful news on my wife's recent medical tests.  Talk about Easter joy!  I am so thankful.  So many of my daily troubles have just melted away.  Human nature can be such a struggle.  So many blessings that we ha... 
Advice needed: replacing tweeter in PSB Image 4T
Unless this was a really poorly designed tweeter, would be quite unusual for both to go bad at the same time.  Even with prior abuse, tweeters usually burn out instead of "going bad".Yes the specs are way off. Surprised anyone would suggest these ... 
Finally found a space for the speakers I’ve been storing... and I don’t love them any more
Keep the Paradigms in your listening room.  Move the other gear in and eliminate that variable.  I suspect the fundamental differences you note will persist.Life is too short to stick with a speaker you don't love to listen too. 
Say a fella wants to build an SET monoblock based on the 300B..
+1 roxy 54---AK kits 
Focal quality control?!
You are not the first to post about the poor quality of Focal headphones. Return them to your dealer for a refund!  The thought of sending them in to be repaired sounds like the beginning of a nightmare from what I have read.  Then you can wait fo... 
Raven Audio Nighthawk
I find much to admire with the Raven gear.  However, more than one person has commented about a hum problem they could not get rid of.  Might want to talk to Dave about that before you pull the trigger. 
Soft, smooth organic SS integrated amps?
"Otherwise none of the recommendations I see above are IMO not what you are looking for."Well there you have it.   
Soft, smooth organic SS integrated amps?
Tube Rolling Woes
Leave your preamp as is.  Your upcoming speaker change will probably address the concerns you have noted. 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
MC, let me start by saying there are a number of things where we do not have common ground. This is not one of them. Everything you said is spot on. I have posted several times that simple math makes you shake your head--how can this guy deliver t...