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NJ Audio Society?
About 1/4 to 1/3 of the NJAS meetings are in South Jersey.  In October, the meeting is in Delaware.  Please see for details. 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
@blin116...  Interesting.  I was ready to order an amp from Class D Audio when I was offered a great deal on another class D amp from a guy I know that builds them. Do you feel the SDS-470C is a good match for the Ohms?  That amp seems to offer a ... 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
I switched (ha!) to a Class D amp a few months ago.  10k input impedance and 500 watts per channel.  Still breaking it in.  I will have more to say about it with my 2000s, but for now, I concur with everything mapman says about high power class D ... 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
@fyusmal....Although I would be pleased to have you over for demo of my 2000s, I live in New Jersey, so you would have to alter your travel plans. I am very close to Newark Liberty Airport, about 10 minutes away.I am totally with you on the music ... 
NJ Audio Society?
Hey Tom, good to hear from you.  We look forward to your return, Phil. 
Odyssey Kismet Reference series.
The kicker for me was when I called to tell him my original HT3 had died, he asked how old it was.  When I told him about 12 years, his reply was that of course, those caps only last about 10 years, and that I was lucky they lasted 12 years.  And ... 
Odyssey Kismet Reference series.
Well, my experience was not too good, either.  After realizing my upgraded HT3 (full Kismet reference internals) was not performing well, Klaus determined it was damaged in shipping.  I lugged it back to UPS store again, and sent it back.  This ti... 
Ownership and Review of a pair of Ohm Super Sound Cylinder
I have been a 2000 owner since 2009, one of the first pairs sold.  Not for nuthin', as e say in NJ, but the room square footage appropriate for each of the x000 series is posted on the Ohm web site.  The Ohm Walsh x000 series all sound essentially... 
Any other lone audiophiles here?
I used to be a lone audiophile, then I found my local audio club. Not only have I made a few dozen new audiophile friends, but I have heard all sorts of gear and speakers in their homes, audio stores and even at manufacturers’ facilities. And my m... 
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
Another lower priced option to audition is Morrow Audio cables.  60 day home trial, and generous trade in allowances, plus frequent sales that offer 30 to 50 % off retail prices.  They work well in my system, but YMMV. 
I don't think they are shipping yet.  Indiegogo campaign is live: thread on SugarCube units over at Steve Hoffman Forums. 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I went from the very well-regarded Conrad-Johnson PV-11 to the McIntosh C220 preamp.  My reason was mostly for functionality.  I wanted a remote, tone controls, and a balance control with more range.  I do not feel that this was a step down in ter... 
Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers with M5-HP crossovers - help needed
So, I am breaking in a Class D amp. I have no issues whatsoever with the amp and the M5-HP crossovers. The amp is spec’d at 10K ohms input impedance, and I have set the M5-HPs to 5K ohms, with excellent results. The amp itself is going through som... 
speaker repair
+1 for Millersound 
Small Floorstander?
Although I have only heard the Preludes, either the Silverline Audio Prelude or the Prelude+ would be worth n audition.  Thin and lite (under 35 lbs. each), they produce a surprising amount of bass, and have a wonderfully wide sound stage.