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Serious Problems with Qobuz
This. This is why I continue to build a collection of LPs, CDs, and rip them onto my server, with two backups. I may try Qobuz soon, but it will never replace the music that I own. 
What has been your costliest mistake in this hobby?
Throwing good money after bad:  In 2006 I purchased a one-off Odyssey Audio HT3 from Klaus.  In warranty, it needed a new cap.  Parts and labor were free, but shipping this 64 lb beast wasn't.  12 years later, catastrophic cap failure.  Klaus was ... 
Need helpful recommendations for next two purchases
I would look at a portable WiFi enabled digital music player from FiiO and others.  These have capable DACs, some can be a Roon endpoint, and you can run them on their rechargable batteries, removing them from the grid.  Just add a good 1/8th inch... 
can i recreate the sound of vinyl by encoding the vinyl frequencies onto digital audio?
@lewm With my Sugarcube, 95% of the clicks and pops are removed with no sonic penalty that I can hear.  Next year, I hope to upgrade my SC-2 to "+" status, which adds surface noise reduction algorithms.  The gap continues to close, but it's like a... 
can i recreate the sound of vinyl by encoding the vinyl frequencies onto digital audio?
IME, the answer for the OP is no, but...I have been gradually digitizing my vinyl to put on my server for many years.  Currently, I digitize at 96/24 FLAC on my Sweetvinyl Sugarcube SC-2.  While I don't see the digital files as equal to the vinyl ... 
Magnepan, Ohm, Spatial or ??
@rickytickytwo...   I am with you on the open baffle preference.  Ohms are actually baffle-less designs, with the "cans" sitting proud of the cabinet.  Bass frequencies fire into the top of the cabinet and fire out of a vent at the bottom above th... 
Magnepan, Ohm, Spatial or ??
With your budget, you could consider something like my own setup, which is a pair of Ohms augmented with a pair of subs.  I am a bit of a bass freak, and my Vandy subs will bust your budget unless you find them used, but a combo of the Ohm 1000s w... 
Speakers that are a great value!
@mapman You know how big an Ohm fan I am. That said, I have heard a few of the Magicos, and the presentation is completely different from Ohms. The Magicos are much lower in distortion than many other speakers, including Ohm. While Magicos have mo... 
Speakers that are a great value!
@blueranger  +1!  I have no idea what Ohm's profit margin was on my $2800/pr of Walsh 2000s that I bought 10 years ago.  But I have yet to hear a speaker under $10k that I would rather own.  That's $280 per year for many hours of beautiful music, ... 
Class-D recommendation
A bit over your price at $2500, I recommend the Arion Audio S-500. 500 x 2 at 8 ohms, super clean and reliable.  I run mine full range. 
Need speaker cable
I  still breaking them in, so the jury is still out, but so far, I am enjoying a pair of Morrow Audio SP6 cables.  List is $1000 for 2 meters, but regularly are on sale for 40-50% off.  60 day return option. 
Why not a portable DAP as a streamer/DAC?
Not only that, these DAPs run without being connected to the a/c, so they have the potential to have very low noise. 
Recording Streaming Audio?
My Sugarcube SC-2 by Sweetvinyl will digitize into files any audio I send to it, in real time, up to 24/192, FLAC and other formats.  I does mean that there is a D>A>D cycle involved, but it still sounds pretty good. 
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
The Arion Audio HS-500 is in your price range.  Very powerful and clean sounding Class D with a tube input stage.  I own the S-500 and love it.  I have heard the HS-500s numerous times in several different system contexts, and IMHO are tough to be... 
Most amusing album or song titles
"No Tie Like a Present" by The Jags.