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Blown driver
Does she wear one of those cute little French maid outfits?If affirmative, how much did you say you were paying her per hour? 
Streaming from Bluesound Node2i
What made a big difference for the positive with my 2i was using a very reasonably priced Supra Cat 8+ ethernet cable (vs the one supplied) purchased from seller zendada on eBay.  He calls it a Cat 8+ but it is really a Cat 8.  Delivery is free an... 
Node 2i use with external DAC
You know, I recommend that you just enjoy your 2i for a couple of months before getting antsy and start spending the long bucks.Yes, the 2i sells so well because of its satisfying sound quality at a reasonable price, but I bet that over a 1,000 2i... 
Tekton Design Moab
@charles1dad  With over 4,400 posts in 18 months I think that millercarbon easily can speak for himself.  I haven't heard his Melody, so I really have no idea how it sounds, I was just picking a little fun because of all the links to his systems p... 
Tekton Design Moab
"If I were to make a judgment I would say the amp falls on the lean side of neutral but not by much. It’s when compared to much bigger and costlier systems that this becomes more apparent. At the Melody’s price point, it would not be frowned upon ... 
What Percentage Off Would You Expect to Discount For Open Box Amp with Blemish
Directionality Explained
@geoffkait however, that symmetrical structure is 🔜 deformed 🔙 during manufacture, especially when the copper wire is pulled through the final die, although most likely deformation has already occurred during pulling through previous dies. Thus, ... 
Does the 'Buck' Start with the DAC?
Does the 'Buck' Start with the DAC?Yes, if the 'Duck' Starts with a Quack 
Directionality Explained
Directionality Explained> East< West^ Northv South 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
People out of work wondering how they will pay their mortgages or rent or if they will be out on the street.  Hoping they can feed their families.I hope they and many others can reopen soon. 
@geoffkait Jitter is gullible, too but I already knew that. Some people believe anything. They’re desperateListen, your right, at one time I believed you were someone of some importance in this world.  For all your hints, nothing came out of it, e... 
The people I know that are serious about not getting the virus wear a N95 type or other good mask AND wear eye protection.  Many of you have written reams worth of paper stating that masks are not effective because of the potential eye infection a... 
N80, I am a bit shocked that you are a physician and are unaware of the Covid-19 big picture of your nation. The other individual its to be expected.If you take the combined total cases in your two states (SC & WA), it comes to 25,000 cases co... 
Speaker cable arrows???
I believe that this thread has turned into the lower lower end (duplicate on purpose) of high end.  
MSB Diamond DAC V
George, you have what pretty much amounts to preferential obsessions with certain gear, which is fine.  But why do you try to oversell your preferences to others, my acknowledging that you have no financial interests?  Why not let them decide base...