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Acoustic Blanket for TV
It almost seems that the natural place to have the TV would be on top of the bookshelf, more or less where the "wheels of Life" picture is.  Then connect TV audio to your stereo and you are good to go. 
Better Records White Hot Stampers: Now the Story Can Be Told!
I dread having to be a negative nancy, but how do you expect to determine the "stamper" quality of the record without either, let alone both, Tekton or Raven equipment being part of the playback system? 
Schumann Resonator
About GKGK rubbed virtually everyone including me the wrong way, but in the end I thought he came off as one smart individual. He discussed a variety of audio topics, and fascinating nonaudio topics, as if he had first hand knowledge.We know his f... 
Better Records White Hot Stampers: Now the Story Can Be Told!
Very funny, and as mentioned kind of creepy. 
Solution for Schitt Loki wall-wart power supply?
My bad, I realize fuzztone was just being helpful. 
Better Records White Hot Stampers: Now the Story Can Be Told!
millercarbon OP7,755 posts02-18-2021 3:03pmIt’s cute the way you kids think. Like toddlers stacking blocks of wood, imagining it’s the Empire State Building.Five minutes and even the worst listener will understand just how far off you are. Like, l... 
Solution for Schitt Loki wall-wart power supply?
It is disconcerting when people give advice with an air of authority when they have no idea what they are talking about and which could actually result in damaging other peoples equipment. 
changing from 220v to 120v
+builder3, call Bryston.  While your at it, make sure with Bryston that there are no warranty issues if you do it yourself. 
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Lets face it.  An individual has to have a severe lack of curiosity about the universe of music, available from every time period and genre, as well as the internet radio stations from around the world, to not invest the comparatively modest dolla... 
Parasound a21 upgrades
@erik_squires, if memory of your prior posts serves, I thought you have previously owned the Parasound A23, which sells for about half the price and has about half the watts of the A21 the OP has purchased.Where the A23 could be considered Parasou... 
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
Interesting how two people with the same Node 2i could have such different outcomes using aftermarket power cords. I tried using a Pangea Power Cable with Cardas Copper with my 2i and noted no improvement. First time trying Pangea, I returned it a... 
CODA vs Hegel
There is an eight month or so old No 8 on sale here on A'gon.  Not affiliated with seller. 
Sound Quality of red book CDs vs.streaming
riaa, it’s a shame that there is no music on the the thousands of free online radio stations of every genre or the seemingly unlimited selections provided by the paid streaming services that you might find interesting.Versus putting on that CD or ... 
Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?
Actually, from years of reading here, there has been only a few people who seem to not like the Pass and higher end Parasound amp sound.  I tend to take their opinions on these two amps with a grain of salt. 
ST 70 best sounding version?
I needed some music in the room I have placed my treadmill.I hooked up my all original Dynaco ST70 to an even older Heathkit AA141 tube preamplifier that a friend gave me years ago. Tubes used in the Dynaco are old stock Mullard el34s and rectifie...