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My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
Definitely try the lube job suggested by islandmandan and I have also heard of problems in general, vs esoteric specific, with pulley belts stretching and that sort of thing.  Somehow I have the feeling you may get this up and running yourself. 
TMR The Music Room Must Create Account
Unlike many, I certainly am not a TMR fan. 
This website has become S-L-O-W
I use Edge on windows 10. I use Malwarebytes premium (lifetime license) and for the first time decided to try the free Malwarebytes Browser Guard that comes with it. It blocks ads/trackers, malware, scams and PUPs. I imagine there are multiple fre... 
Perfect Path "Solutions" (PPS) eMat
Here is my take on the eMat.  I have a fairly nice system, have what I consider decent but not extravagant anything, nice enough speaker cables, interconnects and aftermarket power cables.  I can hear changes when made to my system easy enough. Ot... 
Perfect Path "Solutions" (PPS) eMat
Einstein, why don’t you take a quick look over in the Crazy, crazy, crazy thread under Audio Clubs. You will find that the predominant theme there is that no one even wants to have a drink with you.Audio2design is a pleasure to read compared to yo... 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
Another informative Turbotax article which explains why you received a 1099K even though you didn't meet the 200 and 20,000 thresholds (short answer, for basically no reason): Form 1099-K Decoded for the Self-Employed - TurboTax Tax Tips & Vi... 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
@Thyname, Just posted my response and see you already received a response from turbotax which is the same as the last few paragraphs in my link above.The reason I did not want to give the last paragraph in the link above as the answer, which turbo... 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
@thynameThyname, the best bet is to have a specialist in individual taxes look at this or even better email turbotax for help if you can.  I am a CPA but from the corporate tax world and I can usually figure out this individual income tax stuff, b... 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
@thyname I believe this should answer your question: How do I enter the 1099-K data for the business? ( Be sure to make note of the very last sentence. 
Bulk power cables suggestions
@tvad IMHO just the fact you are mentioning member subaruguru is a testament to the intangible benefits and good karma of making something yourself.  I remember the day, moment and place where I was when it was written he joined the everlasting. E... 
Schiit Freya order delay, no clue when it will arrive
Supertramp - Dreamer [Official Music Video] - YouTube  
One Channel Down in Preamp Help
Cheap way to tide you through if you have another source other than turntable is to buy a Schitt SYS passive for $49 + shipping. 
Newbie Can't Decide Which Tube Amp
Actually skypunk, not sure why you are so gung ho on giving free advertising for a couple of guys who went out of their way to read you the riot act. 
AES48 , is there a test to determine?
@gdnrbob ,Thanks for providing your experience using the XLR cables, very interesting and of course first hand knowledge is best. I’m still using all RCAs at this point.It has always stuck in my brain that Ralph mentioned what we have been discuss... 
AES48 , is there a test to determine?
Let me say in advance I have never used XLR cables.  Also, that I may not be correct in what I believe Ralph was saying.  But I thought he wrote awhile ago that in a true AES48 standard balanced application one XLR cable will sound identical as an...