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Do I expect too much?
I would only use the Loctite that is not permanent.  What if for some reason down the line you want to remove a driver? 
The Weekend
I’m on the side of thinking it was a flop of a halftime show, and I generally find them entertaining and dare I say fun.My three kids think that The Weeknd is pretty lame.But you know what, if you liked the show and the singer more power to you, e... 
My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
From reading A'gon it seems like between Esoteric, Audio Research, and JL subwoofers you'll have a good chance of needing repairs and they will likely cost you more than average.  As an example, if you do not buy AR tubes at an exorbitant price (a... 
Grant Fidelity parts ways with Psvane
I just purchased six 12ax7-Art Psvane tubes from Viva, my first purchase from them. They are first rate to deal with. Will be doing further business with Viva for new production tubes.For older tubes Brent Jessee. 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
I imagine that if you live in Hong Kong or Tawian you love the CCP who will use any force necessary to control you?  I don't think so. 
Wow, $10k+ cables
I removed the three posts as I wanted to edit them but the time to edit was past. Not about you and not sure why you would wonder if they were as your posts are benign. 
Wow, $10k+ cables
EinsteinLet me run that through my gibberish decoder ring. Sure enough- gibberish.Sometimes (not often) they learn the error of their ways, make amends, drop the attitude and learn something new. I know. Don’t happen often. Not holding my breath... 
Modwright Elyse DAC input issues
I’m not trying to bash on the Elyse Actually, I am also sensitive to not bash others, but you're doing the right thing mentioning this. 
Does Michael Green Audio are out of business ? I
He asked me to pay again the shipping few months ago. That part is disturbing no matter your answer to the following question.  Did he ask you to pay shipping for the first time a couple of months ago or did he ask you to pay the shipping a se... 
Grounding with a Earth box?
Best ground box you can get, package of dillies and a 6 pack. 
Perfect Path "Solutions" (PPS) eMat
@mahgister Your post was not too long and a delight to read. Jetter is more wise than myself... Not in this lifetime my friend. 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
As a CPA part of my job with the large companies I worked for was to be the liaison to the IRS when the IRS audited us. In fact, most large companies such as mine had established permanent office space in our building for the IRS as each tax year ... 
Perfect Path "Solutions" (PPS) eMat
Actually the wealthy people I know aren't totally humble, but they also aren't aggressive or have a rude manner.  Very nice people in fact. Their success was brought on by talent, people want what skills they have to offer and to help them helps t... 
My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
I'm guessing that the OP's X-03SE is one of the few Esoteric models that needs to be shipped to Japan, where they have specialized jigs for some of the older units. That might make the repair too costly and prohibitive. In that case, I would not... 
Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’
Einstein ain’t what he used to be. 🚬🥸 Einstein is exactly what he used to be. A golden ear audiophile who can hear the difference when suspending his cables with rubber bands but not, according to himself, the difference when tube rolling in his t...