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Audirvana vs Roon
Thank you all.  
The Genie grants you one wish, you can have any former audio item back...
In 1976 I left the country and virtually gave away my large Advents and Crown pre-amp. Not the best by today’s standards but they were my babies. I left town in a hurry and had no choice. Oh well, life goes on.  
Audirvana vs Roon
I like the software that loads the songs into RAM and plays from there and not the hard drive. Does Roon do this?  I couldn’t be sure from the website.  
Audirvana vs Roon
Will your new Mac have 8 gb of RAM? 
Audirvana vs Roon
@grannyring thanks for your [email protected] for your input. Preference is both SQ and [email protected]_squires thanks also. I’ll try letting the DAC upsample instead of the software. Much appreciated. TG  
Audirvana vs Roon
Thanks. I see the endpoint license is about $144 and there are some issues with Mac computers. I’ll check back with them in a while.  
Audirvana vs Roon
Thank you. So far the consensus of opinions posted here favor Audirvana over Roon for sound quality and Roon for interface, Roon radio and additional info on the music played. As one poster stated, Roon support suggested modifications to the outpu... 
Adding a preamp to HT setup
@islandmandan I agree 100%!  I have the same Modwright preamplifier and Wyred4sound monoblocks and the sound is awesome. My high end Denon receiver is fine but worlds apart in sound.  
Speaker cable recommendations in my budget
As important as the wire is, it is just as important to have the right connectors and how they are bonded to the wire. I believe that high pressure crimping by an industrial machine or ultrasonic welding is better than solder. Bare wire is also go... 
Any difference in SQ from USB drive storage to NAS playback?
Please forgive my ignorance but if software such as Audirvana loads songs or albums into RAM before playing, doesn’t that eliminate any lag or latency?  Doesn’t that mean that SSD storage vs NAS storage both become irrelevant and both would be bet... 
Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
My first good speakers. I was so happy! 
Final Report, Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable
I’ve had good experiences with that cable. I now use Anti-Cables because I now have mono amps next to the speakers. The twisted two pair is great for long runs. It helps with RFI and EMI.  
Jim Smith and advice
I found his information to be well thought out honest and informative. It is his experience only but he helps you understand the fundamentals and experiment. Well worth the money for the book and DVD.  
net radio
I like Radioparadise. I listen a lot when I’m working or driving. I always hear new music. Multiple genres too. There are many good internet stations. They don’t match the quality of CDs or Tidal but are still good.  
Schiit Aegir
Thanks for the replies. I’m considering two as mono amps but my Modwright preamp is single ended only.