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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Like Uberwaltz.  Borboletta by Santana. Loved it back then. Love it still.  
Upgrade to my system - Speakers maybe
That’s a big room. You might consider floorstanders instead of stand mounted speakers to maximize your space with low frequencies. I don’t recommend a particular brand. You’ll have to pick speakers with a free return policy and try them in your sp... 
Hearing loss and HiFi
Wolf_Garcia is correct. Some of the finest conductors ever had hearing loss and still produced superb recordings. My advice is to not worry about it. If you notice a significant loss of enjoyment in your system consider new speakers, not EQ which ... 
Mahavishnu fans only
Best value IEM phones for travel use from Android.
Senn 569s are fantastic but don’t fold up. I just purchased 1More in ear Bluetooth earphones and they seal well and have good sound for $80. I’ve been on the road traveling for the past few weeks and am pleased. The case re-energizes them. On Amaz... 
Combining a sub-woofer with Bookshelf Speakers
Bass can be localized above 80 Hz. Cross over there, turn the sub volume to zero, set the system to play bass centric music at a listening level, then turn up the sub slowly until you hear it. Then turn down the sub slightly until it disappears.  
I'm here for the enthusiasts, not the snobbery
Porsches are only ugly when they’re sitting still. When they’re running they are a thing of beauty, provided you’re driving. It’s easy to get killed at those insane speeds but I’ve enjoyed a good long life. Let her run..... 
Why Don't More People Into Music Reproduction At Home Play Around With Musical Instruments
I play classical piano, harmonica, song and have electronic keyboards for other instruments. As stated above, playing an instrument is hard. Playing an instrument very well is very hard. Some talent and hours of practice. Listening to music is eas... 
What makes for a "good" musician?
Thank you all for your answers. It’s a great question and I think one that differentiates between audiophiles and players. They are not mutually exclusive but rare. As I have transitioned from audiophile to musician I see the difference. As I grew... 
Good Stereo Speakers for outside use during BBQs, evening pot luck dinners etc
Outdoors is tough. No room enhancement for the bass. For my sons outdoor wedding reception I went with powered studio monitors. Run from an iPod!  If you have AC power you can rock the neighborhood! This was  an outdoor park. But bass will be limi... 
What/who do you listen to that you feel is a bit of an unknown?
Just off the top ...Shawn PhillipsJohn KlemmerFlim and the BBsCheckfieldMany more. Looking forward to others ideas.  
Dac Suggestions around $500
My Schiit Modi Multibit is quite good for another system. Check it out.  
Qobuz vs Tidal
I’ve switched back and forth many times. I’ve settled in Tidal because they have more Blues and Jazz titles. The sound quality varies from album to album so I don’t think one wins out across the board. But I may switch back. Both sound great in hi... 
Kudos to Outlaw Audio support
Great customer service and US based.  
Best phone/personal listening device under $500
All good advice. I sold my Chord Mojo for the same reason. It didn’t have the dynamics and soundstage I wanted. I’d go with the Fiio product line. Great value.