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FIdelity Cables or Virtual Dynamics
sjsfivo +1  
Apparition Speaker Cables
Never giving up and coming back better each time says a lot more than salad.  
Now that High Fidelity Cables is no longer, what cables are you upgrading to?
Now listening to Ricks new speaker cables. WOW  
Now that High Fidelity Cables is no longer, what cables are you upgrading to?
nasaman Yes i have 2 pair of new XLR interconnects and about a week ago new speaker cables. The interconnect replaced my Transparent Reference xl XLRs mm2. In all honesty they crushed them sound wise. So i ordered the matching speaker cables, wil... 
Now that High Fidelity Cables is no longer, what cables are you upgrading to?
andrescoe50 spot on  
A Big Shout out to TAP Electronics
Hello chayro Yes its working great. The only draw back is they reset all setting to original factory settings. You have to go back in to the menu and hope you remember what setting you liked. (sample rate , digital filters etc.) Other than that T... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
+ 1 Ozzy  
Yes, cables do make a difference -- regardless of price...
Cables make a difference some more than others and all have a break in period  
High Fidelity Cables?
Ozzy Thanks for the info, when i purchased the newer XLR interconnects from Rick he sent me a small bottle of the Q45 that had a similar but different label on it. I wonder if it is the pro stuff. Rick said it was a little different. I have not t... 
When to choice XLR over RCA ICs.
Make sure what they are running between is all so balanced. Just because a unit has XLR imputes or out puts does not mean it's balanced when running XLR cables between real balanced gear has alway sounded better  to me than single ended.  
High Fidelity Cables?
OZZY What is the Pro formula? Is that a newer Q45t? Have not seen it out any where, where did you get it at?  What was the price?  
High Fidelity Cables?
I have 2 pairs of Ricks new cables in xlr and they crushed my Transparent Reference XL .Cleaner sounding more bass and more punch in the mid range.  
Does it bother you when you see inflated MSRP’s for used gear on AG?
They can ask what they want, but it is only worth what the buyer pays for it. If the buyer pays a high price then it must be worth that much to them. I never pay more than what the product is worth to me, no matter what the buyer is asking.  
LP storage advice please?
Depends on your card board box strength. Not all boxes are created with the same amount of stacking strength per weight. Lots of different storage boxes out they're for sale. My question is do you pack the records on end or flat on their side for ... 
Upgrading cd player
esoteric K 03x