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High Fidelity Cable Company MC 0.5 waveguide
aseaman007I feel any of the level of MC 05s will work well with what you have. Of course the Helix version would be the bigger bump in performance. As far as placement at the wall was best for me. But i do  have their MC 6 Hemisphere that i use as... 
Opinions on Transparent Cables
Used transparent for years, like them better than  Audioquest, But i liked the High Fidelity Cables over both. 
You can Vote for Most Valuable Lead Vocals (Rock Groups)
+ 1 Robert Plant 
High Fidelity MC 1Pro Double Helix Plus Signature
fliper49The system really took off when i started adding High Fidelity products to it. I know Casey and Joe, both great people to work with. Rick is al so great to work with. They have all ways treated me outstanding. I am in Ca. so all my dealing... 
High Fidelity MC 1Pro Double Helix Plus Signature
fliper49Iam a big fan also. What other cables would you compare the CT2 XLR interconnects to or what did they replace? I am trying to gage where in the High Fidelity line up i would need to go to replace(better) my Transparent Reference XL   XLR i... 
High Fidelity MC 1Pro Double Helix Plus Signature
flip49erWhat other High Fidelity products do you have in your system? 
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
redwoodaudioThere is a big thread on them here in the forum. They simple made the sound so much cleaner sounding across the board. Back around vocals where much stronger, able to see deep into the sound stage. More black space around the sound.  
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
High Fidelity Cable- any of their wave guides plug ins 
Transparent Reference XL or Siltech LS110G5 speaker
Just make sure the Transparent cable is calibrated for your needs 
Is Anyone Else Not Being Able to Stay Logged in?
it happens to me a lot since the upgrade 
When to Poweroff amps and preamps
Mine are all SS, i leave them on 24/7-the amp in stand by. If i leave over night  i unplug from wall. 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Hello calvinjGlad to hear you are enjoying your new cables.  What are the other cables in your system interconnects? What cables -interconnect-power cords are not High Fidelity in your system.In my system High Fidelity Cables are all on the power ... 
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
calvinjPlus one 
High Fidelity MC 1Pro Double Helix Plus Signature
Hello siddhI have found that the Helix and Hemisphere technology takes a lot longer to break in and can be a roller coaster ride. Can sound good then the next day not so good until it finally settle in. Then the magic starts. The bass was the last... 
Speaker hiss from power amp
Just because you have XLR connections, does not mean you are true balanced. Lots of company put the XLR connectors on their equipment, but they are not balanced from input to out put.