Newly patented, infinitely adjustable system tuning

Working with a variety of manufacturers on a new concept.

You put knobs in the panels of your preamp or integrated, which let you adjust, at will, to any degree of precision, the bass OR the treble, while leaving the midrange the same!

You will no longer have to build entirely new systems for every album, or genre, or recording age.

It's really amazing.  You can listen to album after album comfortably, without having to buy entirely new speakers, cables, or just stop listening.  Is it too bright?  Turn the knob.  Not punchy? Turn the knob.  Late night listening? Turn them both! You can just keep touching them and they  let you.

I'll provide more information as the lawyers permit.
You can just keep touching them and they let you.

If that’s the best your lawyer can come up with, good luck!
Give me a holler when you need input on what to call them.
Hmmm....treble & bass adjustment, signal skewing, tone controls......

All the best,
Hi Hi, Hi Hi.. Erik.. Just couldn’t help it.. LOL... I don’t blame you..

Patent Pending.. Too.. All for less than the cost of postage stamp..

Sometimes enough is enough..

I heard from a guy who said that in order for them to let you keep touching them, you have to be a celebrity. But then, that guy keeps touching them even if they DON'T let him. He has used lots of lawyers to get out of sticky situations, sometimes spending $130,000. He's so dumb his lawyer had to tell him to pay in cash, not with a check. Duh.
Could you redesign these so that they're sliders? I mean, imagine a row of sliders? Then put lights on them, and maybe have them blink to the music level. In the dark it would be so cool. You're onto something here Erik.
I tried sliders but everyone kept making them into happy faces because they wanted the stereo to look like it is having fun.

(some did not like my too long posts bad habit then i will not explain why this thread is a joke and why it is a bad one) 😁😊

( but even a bad joke can create an interesting thread tough....)

But i am not sure anymore if it is a joke...

Anyway my Sansui has 3 sets of incremental colors controls with / or without 3 sets of incremental filters controls, and adjustable loudness control, adjustable muting control, mono or reverse control....

I use now only an appropriate filter control for all my hours.... My other embeddings controls are way more useful...But....I cannot imagine someone using different button for different cd or files....This means is audio system is not rightfully embed at all... A good system gives good S.Q. in any cd or vinyl without any adjustement necessary...A unbalanced system, not mechanically and electrically or acoustically embedded need some yes...

OUPS! my post is already too long....

Apology to all....

Hi!  That’s awesome because now we can make the sound Perfect for every recording despite the fact that all speakers are flawed and way overpriced when you look at the cost of the parts.  I just patented a knob that lets you direct more of the sound to one side or the other to fix recordings that are not even.  I can’t disclose the name yet, but I bet combining my feature with yours we can make the sound even More Perfect!
Good luck!  I have had little success getting a patent on my amazing invention that lets you center the sound stage, wait for it, WITHOUT MOVING YOUR CHAIR!!!!  I call my invention a "Balance Control", as it allows the listener to adjust the relative volume of the left and right channels with a simple twist of a rotary control knob, or even push buttons on a remote control!  I expect to licence this ingenious device to many manufacturers of high end preamps and integrated amps.  Now, where's my patent?
Ok, thank you for that moment of pure genius Erik!!!

It has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities af actually being able to tune the sound for pretty much every piece of music ever recorded, and indeed, every speaker ever made. All this, without having to let Kenjit step foot in my home.

Thank you!

If I may, your idea has given rise to my own idea I would like to share with everyone.

How about this. Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I am quite tired of having to move closer or further away from the speakers. I never felt this was a good way of adjusting how loud or quiet the music is.

How about, we add a knob that will let you increase, or, decrease the volume directly on the amp??? Radical I know, but we have to find a way to tune these imperfect speakers and recordings without letting Kenjit into our homes...
Hi! Sounds like gratuitous fondling of knobs to me.  Where are those moderators when you need them?
I have 3 patents working towards a 4th. Not always money makers except for the lawyers..have 4 attorneys in the family none are of the patent speciality. Tom
Pro bono for a future fee or %..maybe if your lucky.
If you have applied, paid for and have published a Patent Pending then your fully protected to shop around your patent to potential customers. Good luck. Tom
I take it a step further.  Adjust for each song?  Not me...  I adjust for each note played by each instrument.  I hear a single perfect pluck from a stringed instrument, then pause the music, get up and go adjust my custom tuning knobs for the next perfect musical note.

Sure it’s time consuming but I have superior hearing that will not settle for anything less than perfection.

Have you made a Patent Application and if so is it published on the USPTO website for disclosure? Tom

I prefer Roon as I can EQ each room separately, and for music I don't own. :)

But I really like that workflow for things like music in the car.



Or you can treat the air in the room to reduce shear and interfering energy..benefits the presentaion of all music played. Tom
I have treated the air in my listening room, with the ingenious method of consuming prodigious amounts of legumes.


Only 3x more $ for this exclusive enhancement....

I generally self treat the air in my listening room, with a generous ingestion of legumes.
Eric, I’ve never understood the objections to tone and balance controls. Maybe my hearing just isn’t good enough to hear any sound degradation when using them. 
Or you can treat the air in the room to reduce shear and interfering energy..benefits the presentaion of all music played. Tom
My last device is precisely a way to do  that at peanuts cost and it works....
And how are you proposing to do that? 

theaudiotweak2,123 posts01-08-2021 1:24pmOr you can treat the air in the room to reduce shear and interfering energy..benefits the presentaion of all music played. Tom

Of course a humidifier can help.

Of course a humidifier can help.
By god! are you tweaking?

Do you want suddenly add some "flowering colors" to the sound?

Is an humidifier will increase or decrease measured accuracy?

That is the question..... 😊

Flowing waters add ions to the air....You are a hidden audiophile i think..... I was wrong all the times....

The fish is without words surprized by the trolling fisherman indeed.....  😊
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You are right....

I apologize for my piece of sarcasm at your expanse...

I will not do it another time and will keep my mind only about sound arguments in the discussion...

I wish you the best...