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Townshend platform under digital component or amplifier ?
Isolation can only exist in the absence of matter. With that said there would be no sound.. Here is an improvement that doesn’t rely on fiction. TomD    
The Best Bass Ever? A Subwoofer Discovery
Port noise in part has a great amount of distortion. With the port tube as described and filled with straws you will hear the back sound from the speaker sound much like the front making it nearly a dipole. The tube can be to long changing the ba... 
The Best Bass Ever? A Subwoofer Discovery
The reuse of paper rolls for me work great when filled with straws.I wrap with blue tape and then spray the outside with black paint so to seal the paper from breathing. I use the same port devices placed strategically on my audio rack as well as ... 
The Best Bass Ever? A Subwoofer Discovery
Plastic straws work really well. They reduce turbulence and increase speed. Also experiment with extending out of port a couple of inches. If the tube is folded don't interfere or restrict the fold. Tom D  
Source for WonderCaps and Solen for CrossOver? Infinity IRS Beta
Resistors can and do make a major improvement. And are much cheaper way to hear more music and less grit and grime. TomD  
Thiel Owners
I had a pair of the Adcom 565s and they were terrible sounding and lacked dynamic scale and punch. Up and left my crib soon after..Saw several pairs of Thiels unwound by the use or misuse of Adcom amps. Sonically not much of an improvement over De... 
High Fidelity Cables?
I have an unopened bottle of Q45t sitting on my desk looking 4 a new home. It could be yours for $200 American money plus fees. Tom D      
Thiel Owners
For anyone with a fireplace especially in an audio room.  Always chasing an improvement in soundstage size and shape but this was originally conceived to make my walk out lower level warmer. Even with the flue packed with fiber glass and the door... 
Off axis cloud placement
Way back machine here a year later.. I have a large roon with 9ft ceilings and a 52 inch fan hanging from the ceiling 12 feet behind my chair. I am always on the hunt for acoustic enhancements and have used flat finish paints to calm hot spots. I... 
Thiel Owners
Hello Anthony, Glad to know we are both still around. The points I supplied you were most likely Audiopoints a product line that I have long supported and do till this day. If the points are attached to a metal platform you have a Sistrum platfor... 
Top two most important sound qualities
Welcome back Mahgister!  
Air conditioning for audiophiles.
I hate the noise..but when I had a window unit I would crank it up for an hour before showtime and open the door to a frosty comfortable room. Lasted about an hour  before I had to repeat the process again. Hot humid audio room on the 2nd floor of... 
Thiel Owners
Tom Thiel you have sparked a light ball in my brain. Eddy currents are another descriptive term that falls into the file cabinet of interfering energy. Same goes for shear wave interference and boundary interference. Right angles are a simple eyeb... 
Thiel Owners
I have been using brass fasteners for many years. Here is a useful video as to the how and why. I know he moved back to Canada. TomD.  
Thiel Owners
Oh, the wire in use is the same all the way thru in the amp and into the drivers.. TomD