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Documentary About the World's Best Stereo System
Fascinating!  What an incredible accomplishment!  I wish I could have met the man when he was alive whether or not I got to hear that amazing system.  
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Lucinda Williams and her band in October. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and stories she told. I admire her talents and strength despite her physical limitations (unable to play guitar) while still recovering from a stroke.  
A person I would like to thank/mention in the history of the high end,
H. H. Scott, Avery Fisher, David Hafler, Peter Jensen  
Kyrocera Home Audio
@plinko May I ask where you had your A-710 restored? I am located in the midwest.  
My VERY POSITIVE Experience with VTV and Warren Coleman (Attention: Sound Lab Owners!)
@bouncehit Congrats on finding a great match. Though I do not own Sound Labs yet I do lust after them after hearing them with 400 watt Classe mono blocks many years ago.  What other amps have you owned or auditioned with your sound labs?  Apprecia... 
Ayre owners and preamp options: seeking advice
Hi @aubullience , I'm the OP on this thread. Ayre electronics are a great choice because they sound great, are reliable, and backed by a solid company that offers great customer service. I made a few changes to my system since my original post. Fi... 
Looking for high power warming sounding tube amps
@ghdprentice interesting description. What preamp are you using with the ARC 160 monos?  
Anyone compare Zesto with Backert preamps?
Both the Backert Labs and Zesto preamps are expected to be an improvement over my Ayre K-1xe which is itself an excellent preamp.  I do plan to audition both preamps though it looks like I may need to travel a bit to do it since no dealers nearby.  
Anyone compare Zesto with Backert preamps?
Good to know you had a very positive experience with the Zesto. It is high on my list. Sounds like you have not auditioned the toolshed pre before ordering it.  
Anyone compare Zesto with Backert preamps?
@oddiofyl I remember checking into toolshedamps about a year ago and discovered they are a local company!  
Integrated Amp Shopping Decisions
Generally speaking, I don't think it's a bad thing to have "too much power" unless you overdrive your speakers or the sound quality is compromised. It seems unlikely that you would do that in a smallish room. In addition, the extra power could be ... 
Paul McGowan gets asked about rotary subs.
I have read many posts in which @bdp24 praises the ET LFT8b's and having owned (and still own but rarely use) Magnepans, I finally decided to look up an ET dealer close to where I live.  I called to ask if I could visit and listen to a pair but wa... 
Left a comment. Nice looking room!  
More Bass
You probably already did this but make sure the speakers are not wired out of phase.  After that it's likely your room / speaker positioning.   
Is Magnepan still in business ?
Don't forget they had a really bad snow storm this week. There could have been a power outage or the business could have been unexpectedly closed for a day or two.  Try contacting them again during their business hours (central time).