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How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Check out Verity Audio.  The finishes are gorgeous. 
I've always been a risk taker.  Do whatever you are comfortable doing.  As for me, I think I will go out later for a cold draft beer at one of my favorite microbreweries.  After all, this is Wisconsin. Cheers! 
What Have I Bought?
I owned the version that you bought.  Wish I hadn't sold them.  Kept mine minty too. 
Contest with reward
Loggins and Messina - Full Sail 
Contest with reward
Nirvana "Nevermind" 
Competent electronics tech in the Milwaukee area
I communicated with Stereo Rehab about my tuner and they felt that the modifications I was interested in making to the power supply/caps, and signal capacitors wasn't worth the expense considering the questionable improvement they would bring to t... 
Competent electronics tech in the Milwaukee area
Yes, it counts.  Thanks for the suggestion. 
How long is too long for interconnects?
+1 on BJC LC-1 
Uptone EtherRegen
The ultimate measuring device and the one that really matters is the human ear. 
Aragon 2004
If I recall correctly, that "V" in the case was symbolic of the notch filter employed in that design.  Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. 
Turntable Mats: Rubber, Felt or Cork.
@atmasphere You are correct regarding the damping ability of vinyl due to its light weight.  When I was experimenting per my post above, I recall leaving the rubber mat on the platter which effectively damped the ringing of the metal platter, then... 
Turntable Mats: Rubber, Felt or Cork.
Many years ago when I was trying different mats on an old Rotel RP 850 I concluded that the best mat was another LP!  Are there vinyl mats out there? 
Happy Scale
Perhaps part of your happiness derived from the envy from your friends 30 years ago.  Not as many are impressed by a really good sound system today.  Personally, I find that most young people look at my system as big, inefficient, and an anachroni... 
The shams, scams and dead ends of the High Fidelity hobbie/passion/adiction
The fatter the speaker cables, the better they sounded.  But they sure looked impressive! 
You could work for any manufacturer, past or present...
Past:  Henry Kloss :)Present:  Ralph Karsten, Dan D'Agostino, Nelson Pass