In Memory of Glenn Frey...Favorite Eagles song?

My favorite Eagles song is: The Sad Cafe
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The Best of My Love

Lying eyes
+1 on Lying Eyes.  I'd go with Desperado as a second choice, but I prefer Linda Ronstadt's cover to the original.
When I got my drivers licence this was No. 1.

This one reminds me of past GF's.

Many cruising memories

too many songs I could be here all morning

RIP Glenn Frey
Victim of love. 
Lying Eyes, Desperado and Hotel California, love the last one on the live "Hell Freezes Over" album. Seems we like much of the same stuff Rcprince, I also prefer any of Linda Ronstadt's covers of Desperado. That song was meant for her! This version is my very favorite.

Although this was not an Eagles song, "Smuggler’s Blues". I can’t seem to find it anywhere now, but I really wish that I could.;_ylt=Ap7JzWRDMaebKTMfSwogQcybvZx4?fr=yfp-t-901-s&toggle=1&fp=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=glenn%20frey%20smugglers%20blues%20miami%20vice
Party Town

Sorry, Party Town was not an Eagles song, but a solo recording.

Take it Easy is my favorite  Eagles- Glen Fry song.

Life in the Fast Lane.
Well my favorite Eagles song that Glenn co-wrote was The Last Resort, even though Don Henley sings it.

My Favorite song that Glenn sings, is Wild Mountain Thyme from his solo Live CD.

Oh my. Impossible to pick a favorite.  I about wore out "On the Border" and "Hotel California". 
"Sad Cafe" is an awesome choice. I also love "I Wish You Peace" from One of These Nights. Seems appropriate given the circumstances.
Old 55
"Take It Easy"
Written by Jackson Browne And Glenn Frey.  
Recorded by The Eagles in 1972.
Perfect right now.  Rest in peace Glenn, and take it easy !

Darn- Always enjoy Pretty Maids all in a row, I Can't Tell You Why....In the City is a great tune, even though Joe's voice isn't the best Eagles vocal IMHO. How many did you ask for MoFi (-:  RIP Glenn, and thanks for the music.

Hotel California comes to mind.  Sh*t ... I'm feeling old.  Where did the all the years go??? 
Hard for me to pick a favorite because i love most of their songs. Since this is really about Glenn Frey though, Lyin eyes and New kid in town are 1 and 1b. Also love their version of Old 55,
RIP Glenn and thanks for the wonderful music and memories.
I Can't Tell You Why.
I Can't Tell You Why, although the final chord changes in New Kid In Town (when they shift suddenly into a major key on "...and you're still around") still gives me the chills.

Very sad that he's gone.
Already Gone
A couple mentioned already- Desperado & Smuggler's Blues.

Actually, the whole LP, The Allnighter, is a must own with a bunch of great tunes.  I treasure my vinyl copy.
Out Of Control
Get Over It!

One of my all time favorite performer as an individual and with Eagles band.  With Glenn passing, Eagles Farewell Tour...Live from Melbourne is probably the most definitive 'live' performance of the band and belongs in every Eagles fan library. 

The blu ray concert dvd is one of the few well recorded audio/video marvel. Must own!
For the Eagles in the prime:  The Last Resort.  For newer Eagles:  Waiting in the Weeds.  Why the Eagles were never credited for The Long Road Out of Eden must have been due to limited advertisement and distribution.  Some of the music on this disc is IMO the best things they ever did.
Agree about "The Long Road Out of Eden." It contains some phenomenal stuff. The quality of the material really surprised me. I knew it was gonna be good, but I didn't know it was going to be great. And, IMO, it's a great album.
rlawry...I don’t understand your comment of, "the Eagles were never credited for The Long Road Out of Eden?" It was their album and they wrote it. Did you mean it wasn’t as popular?  For the first year, it was only available on their website or at Walmart and Sam's Club.

But still:

From Wikipedia:

The album debuted at #1 in the U.S. and won the band two Grammy awards for "How Long" and the instrumental "I Dreamed There Was No War". The album became the band’s sixth #1 album and was the highest selling album of the year. It has since sold 3.5 million copies in the U.S. alone. Being a double album with length exceeding 90 minutes, the album was certified 7x Platinum by theRecording Industry Association of America for shipments of 3.5 million discs.

I agree, it’s a GREAT album, but IMHO, they got lots of accolades for it.
I am sure he will be honored tonight at the Grammy's.

Glen said in an interview with Dan Patrick he held the LP One of these Nights in very high regard. I have to watch again to be sure, but I believe his favorite. I gave it a spin recently, and really like it.  I really like Hotel California, but I may be with Glen here.  
As above- Smugglers Blues can be found on the original "Miami Vice" tv series soundtrack. There are several discs to choose;
Vol. 1
Vol 2
and a complete 3-CD set.
Hotel California - gets (2) nods for audiophile track demo;
Original album/cd version. 2nd- Hell Freezes Over version.
Victim of Love.
"Get Over It"
I like the desperado album.  Bitter creek and certain kind of fool