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Used copies of The Cure “Bloodflowers” on vinyl @ $300+?
Ah, there was a time when, if someone asked me what I wanted to hear, sometimes my response would have been, "Anything by The Cure." I have multiple CDs and LPs, a 12-inch single of Fascination Street and the Blu-ray version of their concert video... 
Hi-Fi in Bay Area?
Viewed the website.  Seems like an interesting place.  Wish I lived in the area, I would stop by. 
Do you know of 5 HiFi manufactures that have been in operation for over 40 years ?
McIntosh.  Rega.  Bowers & Wilkin.  VPI. 
You could work for any manufacturer, past or present...
McIntoshAyre, (when Charlie Hansen was there)Pass LabsJL Audio 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
Sale on Acoustic Sounds Blue Note 45's
Looks interesting.  Thanks for the heads up. 
Who can dance?
Uhmmm.  Interesting question / topic.Interestingly enough, I used to be a dancer. 
Dealer Behavior
millercarbon That was an XLNT story about Stewart.  If he really was that good, then it is a tragedy that he did not bring someone under his wing that he could hand the reins off to when he retired.  So that his legacy, both in name and in approa... 
The Music Room
vmfan53:If this site had the option of making certain posts "stickies (sic)" I would nominate your response on 03-07-19 as a "stickie (sic)" 
Sony HAP- Z1 ES music server into a DAC... is it possible?
stereo5,What happens with Gracenotes after April 1?  Will there be a replacement for Gracenotes?  If not what is the impact on using the HAP-Z1 ES? 
"Is Ayre out of business? Every time I try to call, NO-ONE answers the phone! Its all voice mail!ozzy"They moved and had somewhat of a nightmare dealing with the phone company and getting their calls forwarded to the new location.Hope this helps. 
Any one using 2 separate amps using a/b switch to same speakers?
I was in a similar position a few years ago -- wanted a switcher to change between a tube and a solid state amp.  One of my preferred dealers, who's opinion I give weight to, said that there was no way to do it without degrading the sonics.  I nev... 
tube testing - SoCal
That's great.  Glad I was able to help. 
tube testing - SoCal
J.K. Electronics in Westminster has a self-serve tube tester. 
VPI 40th Anniversary Table After Warranty Support Question
 Good response VPI!