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Well Tempered Labs Record Player, thoughts on a used one?
Agreed. I very much enjoy my Amadeus.  
Amplifier for Altec Valencia speakers
Anyone have any thoughts on Air Tight ATM-1 option? 
Amplifier for Altec Valencia speakers
Bump...I'm considering a Montille amp with my Valencia (16 Ohm) 846A’s. Just looking for another amp to play with for another flavor, to have a little variety. Thought I’d wake things up here. Boy, it’s been quiet in every way. 
Quicksilver Mono 120 vs. Quicksilver V4
bump- anyone hear the NEW Sixty Watt Mono Amp. Retail is $3K equipped with KT 88, and also available with KT 150. Has anyone heard these, or a different Quickie, with high efficient horns.  
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
Yes- now that you mention this, I recall this scenario in Herb's review. He contacted Nelson, and after installing the resistor, all was well.  
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
I'd love to try the Sit-3 in front of my 16 Ohm Altec Valencia's.  
Best pre-amp with a C-J Premier 11a Amp
Shindo or CJ would be my first thought. That era of CJ was pretty special. I thought the Premier 16 was a great line stage, and the Premier amps were really nice too.  
The Harbeth phenomenon
"Anyone who listens to Harbeth and doesn’t hear an electrostatic clarity and to die for tone either needs his ears cleaned or the playback system checked!"  Nice...freediver- May I ask what amp you use. My winding road has featured Thiel, Mirage, ... 
Merrill GEM Dandy PolyTable vs. Well Tempered Amadeus
You are certainly on the right track. Exactly what I would be considering in that price range. I own an Amadeus (mk. 1)  now, and still enjoy it in a second system. It really sings with an EMT Tsd series, and Charisma (Denon) 103. I'd also like to... 
Koetsu Rosewood - Best/safest way to clean stylus
I will ad one little tidbit to lewm’s Magic Eraser suggestion. The ME square is so light, and when lifting stylus with Q-lever it may lift the ME itself slightly because of friction. Just to give the ME square some weight to it,I cut a horizontal ... 
Yamaha integrated amp as3000 vs Pass integrated
What are your speakers efficiency and impedance rating. I haven't looked in to the Luxman line, but the importer is in my neck of the woods. Interesting thing is there is now a choice of class A or AB at similar price points. I've only heard the L... 
Seeking advice on several specific MC Step Up Transformers
I am in nowhere man's land with you. When it comes to SUT's, the often used BLACK ART phrase is pretty accurate. There are some who delve a bit deeper in to specs and matching... Dave Slagle and Bob Sattin come to mind. The A23 units are also an o... 
My Personal Gift The Luxman PD-171 A Turntable.
Thanks luxmancl38. I enjoy it, and feel very fortunate to have it. The Kuzma tonearms seem to have quite a following. The tables however, seem to get overlooked in the US. I've seen so many threads that mention Brinkmann, AMG, TW... but somehow no... 
My Personal Gift The Luxman PD-171 A Turntable.
Kuzma Stabi Ref 2... Kuzma Ref 313 VTA. 
My Personal Gift The Luxman PD-171 A Turntable.
You may want to consider an Air Tight PC-7. That's a gorgeous table. I've heard it, and was truly impressed. Congrats. I should mention my PC-7 is not quite broken in, but it's quite a cartridge.