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THE most sonically dissappointing (lp) you own of great music?
The first couple of Jackson Browne LPs. 
Power Cables
I just posted a (very) mini review of the Mad Scientist Audio The First PC on Audio Asylum.  Before you open your wallet to greedy hands, give these a try.  Also, the NEO has gotten rave reviews.  It's a bit more expensive.  Due your due dillignce. 
Where do you guys buy tubes?
McShane and Kevin@Upscale.  However, two that I'm currently using were eBay. 
Help with Cable selection
Wireworld new series.  You can get the Luna 16/4 on eBay cheap and terminate with your own compression spades or bananas.  It's what I did and have no desire for anything else.  El-34 tube amp to Fostex-driver high efficiency speakers.  Also use W... 
morrow ma1 interconnect
Good job jw, that showed class. 
morrow ma1 interconnect
jw, try reading the WHOLE post before YOU respond.  He said 600 hours and DID return them. 
In Memory of Glenn Frey...Favorite Eagles song?
Actually, the whole LP, The Allnighter, is a must own with a bunch of great tunes.  I treasure my vinyl copy. 
In Memory of Glenn Frey...Favorite Eagles song?
A couple mentioned already- Desperado & Smuggler's Blues. 
Any love for the Phillips GA212 or 312?
That's funny rshak, I also went from my terrific 312 to an LP 12 w/Basik arm and Shure V15xMR cart. 
Any love for the Phillips GA212 or 312?
Used a GA 312 with Stanton carts for 17 years.  Very enjoyable sound matched with a Phiilips FA 960 and original Misson 70 speakers. 
Need Inexpensive Digital Cable
Latest Absolute Sound
I read all of the audio mags as a form of entertainment.  Their writers have gone downhill, especially Neil Grader, who I always thought neutral and intelligent.  Now, he just writes the company line.  I have had the misfortune of sharing an eleva... 
Phono cable - necessary?
I had and used the original Heimdahl phono cable.  I could never get the tone right.  It was nowhere near neutral and eventually my wife stopped listening with me as the sound offended her more acute hearing at certain frequencies.  Sold it here a... 
Cartridge headshell, what would you choose and why?
I'm most happy with my Audioquest-labeled Orsonic headshell. 
Has anyone heard the new Pangea interconnects
I find it interesting that they're priced by single cable. 34.99 each cable, so $70 a pair.