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Marantz HD CD 1 Awesome Transport
Hi Tweak,  Have you ever used headphones with your Marantz? Thanks. 
Pop up ad blocker?
Ghostery is very good 
CD Spinners Help Needed: Pioneer Elite PD 65 or Enlightened Audio Design T 1000
Off topic- What made you decide to start playing CDs again? 
Please Help Me!!
Yes, it's a joke, but it would be great if there was a search engine where we could enter any detail we wanted (no matter how weird) that generated a list of products that fit our parameters 
R.I.P: Rest In Peace Roy Johnson, Green Mountain Audio's Genius
I'll miss you Roy. You spent so much time giving me advice about building my subs it was like you made them. I'll always remember how happy you were when you finally got your crossovers just right. And you sold me a pair of the Picos with that cro... 
good preamp for First Watt F7
Linear Tube Audio MZ2. Sounds great with it, output impedance 50 ohms. 
how do you know if you need a dac ?
If you like it, you don't need a DAC. Trust your ears. 
previous generation audio lover requesting new tech needs advice
1. there are many usb to spdif converters of all prices 
Preamp Question
I have an Eva 2 passive preamp which should be just what you need. It would cost much less too. http://diyparadise.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=18  
correct order of connecting a preamplifier, amplifier, and speakers
Yes, the order of connection doesn't matter at all. The order of powering the components up is all that matters. 
I want to pick up a vintage SS integrated
LOL, I wonder if this will sell?https://www.ebay.com/itm/pioneer-sx-1250-BOX-ONLY-When-Will-You-See-Another-Like-This-/264083063099 
I want to pick up a vintage SS integrated
There's a Kenwood KA-9100 on ebay for $500. That would be pretty nice. It's I'm not affiliated with the seller. 
I can get to it now 
How to assess and quantify system improvement and changes?
I would love it if someone could make any headway in this endeavor, but I know of no way to quantify subjective measures of performance. This "equation", if you will, would probably have to be broken down into many parts with exact definitions of ... 
What were your humble beginnings on the path to high end audio?
I had a Motorola receiver I bought with my paper route money, home made speakers. I took the drivers out of my parents console stereo. A junky turntable, can't remember what kind but my next one was a Garrard Zero 100, which I thought was the grea...