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Best Way to Spend ~ $2000 for System Improvement
Again, thanks for the replies! I will provide as much info as I can. I had considered the passive pre as  something to be replaced but the interconnects to the amp are only 1/2 meter. I don't know how the pre is regarded in general in the audio co... 
Best Way to Spend ~ $2000 for System Improvement
Thanks for all your responses! To answer your questions, @smrex13 I have GMA  Pico Executive speakers. They are three way floor standing speakers. @mapman The system as a whole is a little (not much) "laid back" for lack of a better term. To me, t... 
In Memory of Glenn Frey...Favorite Eagles song?
Already Gone 
Tube CD Players other than Jolida
Audio Note CD-2. Kind of old, but fantastic. 
Those of you having experience with Manley Shrimp
I like McCormacks a lot, but have an Edge I like just as well. It did cost more, though. 
Low Height Speaker with no rear port....help?
GMA Pico Executives ~ 30" high, front port. I think they'll fill your room with sound. Not sure about the price- I know they're well below 10K. 
Subwoofer or Bi-Amp?
Sub for sure. 
Mysterious Hum
I've heard thst only one component in a system should be grounded. Also, a two prong adapter might help (plugged into a two prong outlet. 
Mapletree Preamp experiences?
Integrated for Green Mountain - Classe, Bel Canto
Even though you've decided, Look into the Edge integrated. Roy strongly recommends these. Synergy. 
Looking to upgrade Audio Note CD-2
Mrtennis- I tend to agree. I guess it's just the upgrade bug. I was advised to get copper or silver caps to upgrade. I don't know how they'll sound, though. 
Looking for a good solid state integrated
Redgum 120 
Need help picking a preamp.
Eastern Electric Mini-Max. No comparison. 
$1k preamp for McCormack DNA-125 recommendations?
Shrimp easily. 
Which Integrated got you off the merry go round?
If you like SS, go with the Redgum 120. It's great.