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Transport for Exogal Comet Plus DAC
@twoleftears  LOL 
The ups and downs of tube vs. SS...
@ kosst_amojanlol Awesome! 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
@wig  I'm looking at the BorderPatrol myself and will be interested in any further impressions you have! 
SPDIF to USB Converter?
I doubt these are what you want, but I don't think a simple converter like you want existshttp://www.thewelltemperedcomputer.com/HW/SPDIF-USB.htmhttps://www.amazon.com/Creative-Sound-Blaster-System-Preamp/dp/B004275EO4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid... 
Which song has fewest words ever?
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Mary Wilson way back when from the Supremes, From the 80's, Heart's Nancy Wilson and Samantha Fox was my dream girl back then. 
Active and passive preamp in one chain ?
I went to a McCormack DNA-1 and I think the little Mapletree tube pre, don't remember the model right now. Then a lot more tube preamps and a couple different power amps along the way. Now I'm back to an integrated lol.  (Music Culture 701)  
Active and passive preamp in one chain ?
@inna  I took a quick look at The Rogue preamps' output impedance and they all seem low enough that impedance mismatches shouldn't be a problem. It looks like your idea should work, it just seems so unusual. I'm not a tech guy either, and I'm not ... 
Active and passive preamp in one chain ?
The only input impedance I can find for your amp is 10K ohms. That's pretty low and it will cut down on your choices for a preamp. Also, if the amp section is designed for a passive pre, the voltage output of an active pre could very well overload... 
DACs that upsample to DSD internally?
Thanks to everyone for your answers! 
DACs that upsample to DSD internally?
@georgelofi Why? I just want to try DSD. Maybe I won't like it at all, I don't know. That's the only reason, and probably the only reason all us on here try different equipment.  
DACs that upsample to DSD internally?
@williewonka Thank you for taking the time for the comprehensive response. I didn't mention before my DAC is battery powered. I don't even know if the USB port needs to be powered through the cable or not, but if so, would I need something like an... 
DACs that upsample to DSD internally?
@kijanki Sorry, I meant output as DSD, even when the input is PCM 
DACs that upsample to DSD internally?
@mahler123Thanks for the response. Do you have any choices? I mean could you listen to PCM if you wanted? If not, can you choose between 64, 128, 256? 
DACs that upsample to DSD internally?
@williewonka My cables do need upgrading also, I have Cullen power cords, a Morrow IC, and usb and digital cords are just from Blue Jean. I recently had dedicated power lines installed. I thought I'd try to find a good DAC before upgrading the cab...