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Ever sit down to listen and just say wow?
I don't say "Wow" nearly as much as I say, "What a great album!"  
Amplifiers and Dynaudio C2 signatures
No affiliation with the seller, but there's a Coda 15.5 on Audiogon right now. That amp--if you are seeking serious clarity, a just-right touch of warmth, and the ability to drive lower-impedance loads with ease--is tough to beat, IMO. If I didn't... 
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
I hung out at Singer a bit back in the day, and if I recall correctly, Dave Lalin (now of Audio Doctor) was a salesman there. He always BS'd with me and let me play with the gear, even though I clearly wasn't a fat-wallet type. (I did buy a fair a... 
Components I would have died for when I was a wee pup
Avantgarde Trios. I still remember hearing the Who's "Live at Leeds" through them. The amps shredded my ears, but it was certainly memorable, and I always wondered what the AGs would sound like with a friendlier amp. I found out years later, and a... 
Which songs or musical standards have haunted you?
Harry Nilsson's take on Badfinger's "Without You." Man, if that doesn't haunt you, you're haunt-proof! :) 
Your first component that was "special"
Dunlavy Cantata speakers. They were special. I eventually sold them because I was on the audio merry-go-round--a decision I regretted for quite a while.  
Closest to pass labs int 250 or x250.8
I own a CSIB, and it's a wonderful integrated. I use it in a second system, though it certainly will easily fit in with a main/reference rig. Ballsy and detailed, but with just enough warmth to sound "right." Congrats on an excellent purchase (IMH... 
Which system would you rather have?
Without going into the gory details, I spent a TON on this hobby, trying to achieve a system that was truly outstanding in all parameters. But, over time, it became increasingly clear to me that "outstanding" is a relative term. What may be outsta... 
Soundtracks that you listen all the way through and it's all great.
"Jaws," particularly the Intrada edition. Probably my favorite non-rock soundtrack of all time. 
Canadian rock and roll
Sloan. A truly fantastic power-pop band.  
Elac B5 and B6??? Just another flash in the pan speaker?? or worth it
I have the F5 floorstanders in a very modest two-channel TV system, and they are pretty damn impressive for anything close to their price. I damp the top of the cabinets with shot, and that seems to help a little bit.My best friend just got the UF... 
Do we really need anything more than 8" woofer and 1" tweeter for medium size room?
My speakers have two 6" TL drivers per side, and a ribbon, and I augment them with an EQ'd 15" sub in my 24' x 20' room--but that's a personal choice. I listen mostly to rock, pop, and old-school R&B and country, and my combination of speakers... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Elvis Presley, "Way Down in the Jungle Room." IMO, this release refutes the common assertion that the King was totally spent as a creative force in the last year or so of his life. There's a bunch of really good stuff on here. 
I just watched the greg allman tribute
I'm currently reading Gregg's autobiography, "My Cross to Bear." Picked it up at a library book sale for a buck! Even though I've been an ABB fan a long time, I'm learning a lot about his life. I'm at the point in the book where Duane is killed, a... 
Recommendation for Improvement over McCormack DNA-225
I second the Coda suggestion. I'm a big Coda booster--I think they deserve more love than they get--and I think the CSX would deliver plenty of grunt in the bottom, yet give you transparent and sweet mids and highs.BUT I also agree with Nonoise th...