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Bowie is Gone...
Most artists are lucky to have one masterpiece in their career, but Bowie had several. A HUGE light has gone out. 
When is your Hifi good enough?
It depends entirely on the individual. Some people are always on the "hunt," while others find a comfortable patch of audio goodness and stake their claim there for the long haul. I used to belong to the former camp, but for the last five years or... 
Plethora of Schumann Resonance Devices
The Atmosphere is an interesting idea, but too costly for my blood. I know two people who've tried it. One returned it, and the other kept and really likes it, so who knows. Maybe I'll give the 30-day audition a try in the next several months. 
Plethora of Schumann Resonance Devices
I have an AR 777 on a linear supply in the front of my room and a 77 with stock supply in the back of the room. That combo works quite nicely in filling up my space. I tried three devices, but that made me feel a little "wonky."IMO it's easy to di... 
New SACD player-replacing current setup
I'm late to the thread. I see you got a Marantz. You really can't go wrong with any of the Marantz Reference players. I have a modified SA-7S1, and it's the best source I've ever had in my system (and I've owned some good ones, including EMM, Esot... 
About How Much $ Have You Spent On Your System & Is Your Room Acoustically Treated?
About 35k retail. My basement space is well treated with a combination of ASC and Echobuster products, most of which I had left over from a previous room.  
In Memory of Glenn Frey...Favorite Eagles song?
"Sad Cafe" is an awesome choice. I also love "I Wish You Peace" from One of These Nights. Seems appropriate given the circumstances. 
Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced
Several of Coda's principals worked with Nelson Pass at Threshold back in the day. As I understand it, after Threshold's demise, Nelson formed Pass Labs, while the other guys formed Coda. Coda maintains a much lower profile than Pass--at least in ... 
Amps which are Great, but either Unknown or Underpriced
Though they've gotten several reviews in the last few years, I second Coda. They make really amazing stuff. No fancy bells and whistles--just clean, solid, no-nonsense engineering with terrific parts that work well together. I've owned several Cod...