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Why so many linn lp12s for sale
"Most people would love to have any Linn table in good working order."I think this is the key... 
Who Has the New Top Technics SL1200GRE? Does it blow your other expensive tables away?
The more I listen to direct drive, the more I think they are far truer to the source than belt drive which seem to add a certain coloration that can be pleasant, but not as truthful IMO. 
I also like the ortofon LH-4000 with the Delos lol 
I have had the 1200G for a little over a year.  It takes a while to figure out what works best.  Its a great table even without upgrading the arm which I am sure takes it to a completely different level.  I like mine with torque turned down comple... 
subwoofer for Sony Af8
I get the TV tomorrow.  From the review I saw online, I would say yes. 
I'm putting to rest worrying about sibilance
I think certain cartridge and stylus profiles are much more susceptible to be sibilant.  I used benz micro cartridges for years and they were all sibilant.  Since then Lyra and no sibilance.  I use Pickering MM and its not sibilant either.  I thin... 
Rega P8 with Alpheta 2?
whats the difference between the rp8 and the p8? they look the same. 
Forever turntable under $2000
I have heard a DP80.  Great table.  Thats another option. 
Forever turntable under $2000
well, even though I own a Technics, the older scout is just a hard table to beat for used prices. I listened to a fully radicalized lp12 and came home and listened to the scout and did not feel like I was missing much. Was the LP12 better, sure it... 
CD Got Absolutely Crushed By Vinyl
I found this comment on another website and I believe it really nails digital vs analog in a nutshell.I feel that the finest digital sources reproduce "the musically obvious" at "the cost" of losing "the musically UN-obvious"Very true. 
Forever turntable under $2000
The Technics is a great table.  So is the venerable VPI Scout with acrylic platter. 
Cartridge for Symphonic music .
how about a benz glider 
V. Morrison Moondance reissue vs 2nd press what is the fascination with digital on vinyl?
Unbelievably enough, according to Fremer, it appears as though this is in fact an all analog recording.  My question is where is the air and hiss?  What are they doing in the chain differently than they used to do before? 
Turntable hum
mono cartridge? 
Besides Aja and zeppelin pressings, what others are demo level recordings?
Classic Records Gala Performances.  I am sure the analogue production version is very good.There are many.