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Brand new Technics SL-1210GR platter wobble ... disappointed!
I agree, that does not look right.  needs to be replaced. 
The best TT system for under 30K
get the Kuzma and the Technics sp10R.  Then you will be covered for belt drive and direct drive. 
Any Linn LP12 owners in So Cal get the Karousel bearing upgrade?
all I have to say is Linn has poor customer service. They have a distribution center and repair shop about three blocks from where I live. There are no Linn dealers here locally. They were going to make me drive 200 miles to go hear one. Really...... 
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
sme 3012R 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
sometimes I think that what sounds more real may be in the opinion of the beholder.... 
Analog Lp
Music Matters jazz records certainly do not sound digital and offer an alternative for buying the originals that cost upwards of 1000.00+ each. 
What is it in MM that can give me goose-bumps? 🤔
lohanimal said....."IMHO - I only have a Pickering Xsv4000 - but it has a certain body and grunt that my mc’s don’t have. It is very satisfying and creates a body that is very enjoyable. U may simply prefer that type of sound as ur MC cartridges a... 
Technics 1200 G a Forever Turntable?
The 1200G is just really hard to beat. Many like the colored sound of a belt drive as I do from time to time. I still have my belt drive I listen to on occasion but I do 99 percent of my listening to the 1200G. It just has the drive that you would... 
How do you avoid buying new LPs that sound just like CDs?
Acoustic Sounds Series
i like their doors reissues.  very well done. 
Technics SL-1200GR setup question
 I have the G and it does not have the problem you state. 
Mono vinyl, how do you know if really single channel mono or if stereo recorded to mono
"I have not yet owned any MONO record that better than Stereo."I hate to say it but some of the earlier rock and jazz recordings of teh 50s and 60s sound the best in mono.  Its not even close. 
Audiophile turntables of the 60's and 70's
dual 1019 
McIntosh vs Accuphase?
Accuphase is mostly all solid state.  If you like the dry sound of solid state, go with the accuphase.   
Phonostage recommendations under $3K
The Pass Labs XONO is a nice phonostage.  Fremer has a write up about it on the web.