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Shocker - CAL CL 15 vs Marantz KI Pearl SACD
It is a fairly newer unit. That is for sure. The break in period is definitely not even close to complete. I was very suprised. The CAL is more liquid in my opinion. Maybe I will listen to the unit after it has been broken in. It is very new in al... 
Review: Merlin Music Systems TSM-MME Monitor
I would hang on to the CL-15. I just auditioned the new marantz sacd player and the CAL blew it away completely. You will have a hard time finding a cd player that sounds as good as the CAL. I am serious. Try it for yourself 
Suggestions for a cd player/transport
Thanks Jeff 
Better to change Speakers first or new Preamp+amp
The speakers for sure 
How far away is your Nirvana
Quad 989's 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Johnny Cash Hurt 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Handels Messiah - Sir Malcolm Sargent Royal Philharmonic Readers DigestBeethovens 9th Rene Leibowitz Royal Philharmonic Readers DigestI cannot believe these both came out on Readers Digest They are awesome.Quiet City - Aaron Copland London Symphon... 
Mixed driver tube for Mcintosh MC275
I have the MK IV so maybe it is different 
Best Live Recording on LP
It is interesting to hear that people here the Union Station live recording in different ways. I wonder if system synergy has anything to do with it. To me it sounds pretty good. Very alive. Great musicians! 
Enough detail or too much?
I am glad I started this thread. It really helped me get a feeling of what hi fi and enjoying music is all about. I remember sitting in the 3rd row listening to Itzhak Perlman play Mozart's Violin Concerto hearing the tone of his violin, and the d... 
Mixed driver tube for Mcintosh MC275
I disagree with the discussion regarding V1. I was using the stock Mcintosh tube in this location. I was told that you did not even have to use a tube here if you were using XLR. WRONG! My amp would not even play in one of the channels without a t... 
Best Live Recording on LP
Allison Krauss and Union Station Live on Mo Fi. I great recording and great music. 
Best Live Recording on LP
Harry Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall is fantastic considering its 50 years old 
Amp for B&W Sig 805
I have an Audio Research 100.2 and the LS 16 and they sound great with the 805's I do not know if they still make the 100.2 but it sounds great. I would highly recommend it. B & W's seem to like solid state.