I'm a big fan of the late Eva Cassidy.  For those who don't recognize her name, she's an american singer who died in obscurity at the age of thirty-three.  Sometime after her death her recordings where discovered in the UK by famed DJ Terry Hogan.  Her recordings consequently  reached levels only the Beatles achieved.  She is now recognized in much of the EU simply by her first name.

Over the more than a decade which I've used Eva's music to test my equipment (yep her voice is that good) I've wondered if my luck had been better and I had managed to attend her performances, would I have recognized her then unknown talent for what it became - world shaking.

Are there other acts who are true "emerging talents?"  I call this looking for musical lightning in a bottle.  It's finding music at the moment it first strikes the ground.  There are many artists who have played for years and not gained recognition.  And, they are also emerging artists and also have my interest.  It is the new artist - the one that is in a situation like Eva was - just starting out and not getting the recognition they deserve - that make me the most curious.

In that respect, may I place in nomination for the first (to my knowledge) MUSICAL LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE AWARD, a brother and sister from Ohio, Sierra and Chase Eagleson.  Here's my citation:

Is it possible for two unknown singers without connections to record labels to rise to fame without leaving their house? To this point my response was a resounding "NO." Then, I found Sierra and Chase Eagleson, a sister and brother from Ohio.

You may say, "Ok give me a thirty second pitch on why the Eaglesons are special enough to beat music industry's very long odds." The answer is SINGULARITY, the ability to be different. Testimony to this is the view count of the Simple Man cover video (link below) which is now over 364K. How did this happen? Listening to Sierra's delivery I don't hear the same feelings offered by other covers, I hear her feelings. She is singing directly to me like no other can.

Following the links in the website I've learned that Sierra has only has a few downloads on CD Baby offered for sale. Her website is sparse and discloses no touring dates for the future. Jumping over to Chase's website one will discover that his gigs include only occasional appearances at a local eatery.

I must admit to having a giddy feeling about their future. Maybe this video will ignite the same level of interest for you. If so, subscribe to their YouTube channels. Listen to Sierra's play list of "Covers & Collaborations." I plan on being one of only a handful of contributors to their Patreon page. Now, if they would only tour somewhere I can drive to in a few hours. Is a show in Nashville too much to hope for? Not in my opinion.

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd (Cover)

Coldplay - Everyday Life (Cover)

Retrograde - James Blake (Cover)

disclaimer - I have no financial connection to the Eagleson's.  I'm just a guy who spends lots of time listening to music and thanks to Audiogon occasionally making purchases (most recently a escoteric cd player) to support my listening habit.
Her version of In The Air Tonight ( piano cover ) - Phil Collins, is simply stunning.
 I can see why you feel the emotion of Eva while listening to Sierra.

 Thanks I'll be listening for future music from her.
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In The Air Tonight (Piano Cover) - Phil Collins

Sierra only posted this video on Oct 30.  Less than three months later the view count is 98K.  Thanks for your comments.  Obviously many people agree that this is another video worth watching!
Sierra and Chase are making large strides! - Over 1m Views for Landslide in two years    200k+ views for If I Go in just over one month - same fast start for cover of River.  Don't miss this fine efforts!

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Cover) w/ Sierra Eagleson

Gregory Alan Isakov - If I Go, I’m Going (Acoustic Cover)

River - Joni Mitchell (Cover)
If you like Hozier, check out the medley of Cherry Wine and In a Week on YouTube.
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This is an awesome find... and what makes Agon so good.  Beautiful. Thx, no kidding, thx.