Eagles on DVD-A

I haven't purchased Hotel California on DVD-A mainly because whenever I hear an old Eagles tune on the radio I think "Whoa, the recording quality really sucked back then."

However, I have also read that when some old material was remastered for CD they really munched the sound in comparison to the original vinyl.

In the end the question is, does the Hotel California DVD-A sound good, or just so-so?
Sounds great!! One of my favorite DVD-A's. I have the original LP and I never knew how good it could sound until I got into DVD audio. Definately buy it!
Thanks. Also, which Eagles album has "Take it Easy" on it?
'Take It Easy' is off 'On The Border'
This is my favorite Eagles album and way under rated
The DCC Gold redbook (standard CD) is also a great sounding pressing, for those who have chosen not to move to hi-rez, just yet.
The DVD-A is excellent, as well as the DCC redbook, there are many GREAT DVD-A's available.
First, "Take it easy" is off the first album. I have the "on the border" in redbook and while it is better than the vinyl it is still somewhat compressed sounding but, I listen to it anyway.

Get the remastered redbook "Desperado" CD. I use "DOOLIN Daltons" as a refernce cut.

I'd like to add my comments on the larger question - the quality of DVD-A compared to CD (or even LP).

A few months ago, I had a chance to hear a comparison of Queen on DVD-A, CD and LP. I was never a devotee of Queen - I never liked their sound; but when a friend played one of their DVD-As (without telling me the group's name) I was blown away with the clarity and richness of what I heard and shocked to hear that it was Queen. I heard sounds that I never recalled hearing on the LP or CD - crystal clear. Not only did I become a (belated) Queen fan that day, but a devotee to DVD-A (and SACD as well).

Since then I have heard the Eagles on DVD-A and you would be surprised on how much better they sound. Unlike Queen, I have always been a hard-core fan of the Eagles. Listening to "Hotel California" is truly a significant emotional experience and blows away the CD recording. Take the plundge and buy it - you won't regret it - except for the higher electricity bills due to your increased home theater system use!

I own it, the DVD-A "Hotel California" and it smokes the old CD releases!!!!! And i mean it is harmonically rich and vibrant... sounds excellent... you can hear everything!!!

My current system (which i will be changing soon when i move into a larger place)

Yamaha RX-V1300 (6.1 100w x 6) not bad
Pioneer Elite DV-38A DVD-Audio/DVD progessive
Monster XP speaker wire
Monster Z-200i for 5.1 channel analog DVD-A out to receiver
Kimber Silver from Cd player to receiver
Yamaha LD player and CD player
Yamaha Turntable (not working)
Infinity Point Five HTS
plus an extra Infinty Entra center for rear center (sounds pretty decent for such small speakers)
Definitive Technology ProSub 80
MonsterBass 400 interconnect from Sub out to ProSub80
Monster IDL 100 and Lightspeed 200 digital cables
And i forgot .. my Monster PLC HTS 2600 (line conditioner/surge) (works great!!!)
and another HTS 850 for subwoofer. (works great too!)
Being a redheadded stepchild I have difficulty expressing my overt enthusiasm for DVD A on this site. Analog , redbook , xrcd , hdcd ect and of course the sacd format all get treated with kid gloves while the mere mention of multichannel DVD A gets the usual snickers and frowns. The problem is that while both formats deliver { at times depending on recording } superior fidelity to redbook , DVD A often has agressive surround mixes that confound and frustrate two channel loyalists and reviews alike. I have many of the same sacd and dvd a titles and at times you wouldnt know it was the same album yet each offer exciting avenues of sonic experience. The eagles DVD A is a stellar yet conservative mix you will love . The Axis recordings are ALL incredible and are worth every penny. I would recommend getting into DVD a for their work alone! I cannot for the life of me understand why The Absolute Sound ignores their work .
I second, third, fourth, etc. those who have described how good this DVD-A sounds. My listening is in two channel 24/196, not multi channel. There are some DVD-A's out there that suck, but this is not one of them. BTW, I saw the Eagles in 1977 and again about two years ago, both times Joe Walsh rocked the house and they were just terrific!
I also agree about the Eagles on DVD-Audio.
I love the way this disc sounds...stellar!
It is one of my all time favorite Dvd-Audio discs.
I also listen to the Advanced Resolution Stereo portion of the disc whenever I play it.