Dire Straits and Eagles XRCD worth $37?

I just saw these discs on Acoustic Sounds web site for $37 each and was wondering if anybody had them. I have both already via redbook.

The Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" XRCD is worth every penny, huge improvement over the original release. The Eagles less so but a good disc all the same.
Get 'em on e-bay for $25.
I have both, got them from either music direct or acoustic sounds, one of them offer those cheaper than ebay.
Beside the great music, the Eagles disc is useful for testing purpose: with every improvement in your playback chain, the quality of the reproduction increases audibly. Playing in a good but not hi-end audiophile system, the XRCD might lack dynamics and resolution. I was disappointed at first when hearing it through an Accuphase DP55V CDP. When I changed into MBL 1611E - whoa! - a lot more can be heard and the dynamic was great!
I bought the Dire Straits at CES for about $20. I thought it was good, but if you're into vinyl the Simply Vinyl reissue is the best sounding copy of Brothers in Arms that I have ever heard, and I have a bunch of them.
I have both XRCDs and they are both worth the price of admission. The Brothers in Arms is the best sounding of all the editions, except for the vinyl. The Eagles is also very good and also worth the toll.
The new hybrid SACD version of BIA is supposedly even better than the XRCD version. I'm not sure about the redbook layer of the hybrid relative to the XRCD, but the folks at SH Forums are reporting good things about the SACD layer. Apparently, they did an excellent job with the 5.1 mix as well. I've not had a chance to get back up to Florida to hear my copy yet, so I'm just reporting what others seem to be saying. The good news, is that price-wise you'll do better (around $20 IIRC).
While the XRCD is far better than the original redbook, the new SACD is in another world, it's that much better.
Who put out the SACD, and when did it come out? I'd like to get a copy.
There is an SACD version for sell on the 'gon.

I believe it's import only, I bought it at Amazon UK...
The SACD version is on Mercury/Vertigo, made in the UK. Amazon UK has it as well as CD Universe, Music Direct and ePay. It is a import only.
Sogood51 you're a trouble maker! I just used the link and ordered the Dire Straits SACD!
LOL Nrchy, a lot cheaper than most are selling this SACD for...not to mention the free shipping! Let us know how you think it stands against your vinyl version.

I guess someone has to say it. Just can't bring me anywhere. Instead of paying $18.95 for anything, just go to a dollar bin at a record shop and pick up the vinyl.
Sorry Guys.