Are there any Audiophile versions of the Eagles..?


Does anyone know if there special audiophile versions of the cd "Hell Freezes Over" by the Eagles? For example gold disc versions from DCC, JVC XRCDs, SACDs and HDCDs.

My orginal copy has been badly scratched due to all the demos I've used it for at audio salons.

Thanks in advance!
There is an XRCD2 of Hell Freezes Over. Check out

The best is the JVC XRCD for about $40.
I have the XRCD2 of Hell Freezes over and its great. Admittedly $40 is a bit much.
it's not really much better actually IMO.
Get the LP. You won't listen to the CD ever again. :-)
If you want a CD to use as a demo, try the Columbia/Legacy "American Milestones" reissue of Willie Nelson's "Stardust" (CK65946)- Or, the Paul McCartney "Unplugged - (The Official Bootleg)" (Parlophone CDP 7964132 - also available in the US).Now there are a couple of CDs you can test your system with. I know everyone likes the opening few bars of "Hotel California" as a demo, but, come on, the rest of that album is really not that well mixed. Great music, average recording.
Just my .02.
I have seen a gold disk of Hell Freezes Over, different from the XRCD from Asia, Taiwan, I think.It pops up on e-bay from time to time. Does anyone know how this one sounds?
Thanks for everyone's responses!
To Viridian: I recently bought this 2-disc set. Disc 1 is like the original release. Disc 2 is a studio recording of some of the same songs and a few I had not heard, like "James Dean". The set is at a higher sampling, and sounds good. But it still isn't up to the XRCD quality.
Thank you Bigjim, I appreciate the info.