Caveat about the Cable Company return policy

I naively thought they had a liberal return policy and bought a few ethernet cables thinking I could return them if they didn't work out for me. Turns out in the fine print of the return policy you can only return interconnect and digital cables that are 1 meter and speaker cables that are 8 feet. Anything else is by their definition "non-standard" and therefore non returnable. That is despite the fact they have numerous lengths you can choose from their drop down menus and the company I bought from (Chord) lists the 5 meter cable I bought as a standard length,

here's the kicker.. you can only return speaker cables that are 8 feet but they sell them by the meter, so it is impossible to return an 8 foot speaker cable because they don't sell any. Lesson learned, read the fine print

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I think The Cable Company has gone down hill.  I had bought from them years ago and found the experience to be good.  2 years ago, I ordered an Acrolink cable listed on the web site.  I got a message the next day to call them.  I called and was told they didn’t have current pricing and the cable wasn’t in stock but they would call the distributor and get the info for me.  Over the next 6 months, I followed up with 6 email messages and not one was answered.  When I called them again, I was told the salesman was busy\still looking into it etc. 2 years later I am no longer waiting and purchased direct from Japan at a very good price.   They lost out on a couple of grand worth of cables as I now have 3 Acrolink cables. 
Thanks for the info.  I am thinking about using them to compare cables.
the lending library may be a fine way to audition cables. but they didn’t have what I wanted to audition available to lend. Just a caveat to all to completely understand what the policies are
That's a really lame return policy on the cables.
I've used their lending library and made several purchases.

I purchased a component on sale last month and read the fine print to make sure it could be returned. I auditioned it, then returned it with no problem. 
Because they charge full price on many items they're not my "go to" dealer. But I've had only good experiences with the company.

Just a caveat to all to completely understand what the policies are
This is important. The return policy of a particular product is usually found on a different page.

Last year, when I wanted to try few USB cables, Peter gave me a run around for 4 weeks saying cables I want to try are not in stock.. As soon as they do, he will send them over. I never heard back, when I approached him again, he said he forgot as he was too busy.

On another occasion, I placed an order for acoustic panels including shipping charges. Then I get an email next day saying there will be additional $100 shipping fee because of the oversized box. When I called to inquire why I wasn’t quoted the correct shipping price at the time of order, he goes ‘didn’t you read the fine print’. We have the right to review every order and revise shipping charges. It wasn’t an pleasant conversation, when I asked him to cancel the order he got belligerent.

Many items on their website have 4-6 weeks wait. They are good source of information on products they ‘pretend’ to carry, personally I would never buy anything from them.

I have nothing but good to great experiences with 
to continue.....with other dealers carrying same products. 
They don’t stock many items. Products I’ve ordered have been drop-shipped.

And 4-6 weeks is unreasonable. Products from China are delivered faster than that.

I have used the lending library many times and that has been a great help in buying cables, I find that they price with a fair discount which would bring me back for future purchases. However I did buy a cable that was a closeout at the salespersons strong recommendation and when I tried it I found it too bright. Then tried to return it and that became a challenge as the salesman was bent on me keeping that cable out of their inventory. The persistence reached a level of I should practically rebuild my entire system around the cable. Well being persistent myself, I did finally get a return authorization. And my solution was to find another salesman within the company and have had good luck on purchases since that one transaction. That said, I do understand them not wanting to accept returns on “non-stock” items, as a business they must maintain profitability and at best a re-stocking fee or credit towards another purchase could be a fair compromise for both parties. But they know what they need to do to stay business, profit is not a four letter word, and the decision is theirs on acceptance of returns and our on doing business with them. They have yet to give me reason to cut them off. But their return policy needs to be clear at the point of sale.
But their return policy needs to be clear at the point of sale.

to be fair.. it is posted on their website and I am at fault for not reading it. 

I do understand them not wanting to accept returns on “non-stock” items

I get that too, however, the 5 meter cable I bought is listed as a standard length on the manufacturer's website and is a choice on the drop down menu on the CableCo website. It did not occur to me that they might have a "no refund on anything other than 1 meter" policy.
I noticed this while I was contemplating a purchase.  The 8 ft vs. meter thing also bugged me.  Prior to a purchase, I would feel compelled to get an email reply from them specifying which items are returnable.

Also, after 2 prior purchases, the items later proved to be not in stock.  This was not shown on any screen during the purchases.

When I found this out (after I followed up), and after repeated queries, I wanted to cancel the order.  This was a struggle.  Each time (presumably by the same guy) I was told (condescendingly) that 'this was a high end cable and you just have to wait for a high end cable'.  Well, not necessarily and no I didn't. 
Same thing happened to me and I ended up getting store credit.  I would order stuff (stylus gauge, cleaners etc) and it would take twice as long (~two weeks) to get the order.  Not worth it. Eventually used up all my credit and won't deal with them again.  Only use their site for prices.
I hate to say it but as many of you have stated here, things have gone south at The Cable Co.  There was a time in the not so distant past that they DID stock what was on their site and you would be serviced rather quickly.  I've had much better luck with places such as Parts Connexion. 
Devil's advocate.  The amount of cable offerings at "The Cable Company" is just absolutely huge.  I don't know of any vendor that would have several hundred to thousands of cables in stock when sales are unknown.  Unless they have a specific item in stock, they will usually have your cables drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer/supplier.  Their restriction on return cable lengths are exactly the same restriction as their "lending library".  They can accept returns on these since they are the most popular lengths and can "re-sell" those when other people like them during their "lending library" experience.
I also was frustrated as they seem to stock very little and have  long lead times.  I have moved onto other vendors that can turn my orders around faster. 
Would never buy from Cable Co as they have crappy service.There is only one guy who is always on the phone.They charge almost full list as well.I certainly would never buy anything from them.Some people love them not me!! I  once purchased b stock Still point panels from them than i got a set from Music Direct at 10% off plus free shipping they turned out to be much cheaper.They also had much better service as well.
I once used The Cable Company many years ago to try out some interconnects. They kinda messed up and I never used them again, but I saw where they could add value to a certain customer -- at least back then. Now I don’t need their advice, and the used market has become so fluid and there are now more direct sellers of cables who offer very generous audition policies that it’s pretty easy to see where The Cable Company’s business model could be facing headwinds. Given the level of service more recent customers have experienced it sounds like they may be having a tough time adjusting to the new and evolving retail cable market within the internet economy. But given the huge margins on most cables it seems they should be able to figure out a more viable and successful business strategy -- maybe they need to hire away someone from Amazon to get their logistics and cost issues under control and up to today’s high standards. Combine the high margins on cables with the ease with which they can be shipped relatively cheaply and you had perfect conditions for an industry that was primed for upheaval much to the benefit of us as consumers. I wish them luck.
I just demo'd 2 different products from them and had absolutely no problem at all. Great service...
I’ve been auditioning & buying a variety of cables and a few components for about a year, and have been very pleased . Admittedly, the main reason for my contentment is working w the same salesman/advisor; an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and pleasant gentleman named Jason Ressler. His advice & customer support quite simply, couldn’t be better.....& I’m no easy customer. Almost every item he’s recommended has delivered  a substantial(sometimes dramatic) improvement to my system. Their prices are def not cut-rate discount, but I’ve found them to be quite competitive. The very few minor problems I’ve had w them have been resolved quickly & amicably to my satisfaction. YMMV.
I’ve also found them difficult to nearly impossible to deal with. 
I’ve stopped dealing with them. 
Yup.  I bought a component from them last year with a very clearly and explicitly return policy attached to it, and when I went to return it well within the return policy they squirmed and squirmed trying to get out of it but eventually had to accept it.  Not an experience I'll be repeating.  Music Direct was a breeze in comparison.
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