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Caveat about the Cable Company return policy
I’ve also found them difficult to nearly impossible to deal with. I’ve stopped dealing with them.  
Looking for straight talk on Focal Sopra No 2 speakers
Taking those ugly shiny Tweeter Grills off should be on the first page of the quick setup guide. ....I could go on and on about how they ring like a bell from a fingernail tap, but it’s easier to just take them off. Nicer looking too !!! 
Sopra 2 soundstage height
I've had my Sopra 2's for several years now using a Simaudio 700i amplifier and Simaudio CD Player.  They've improved quite a bit after a few hundred hours of play time.  Recently, I've tried to get them dialed-in better to my room which is a Town... 
Great Customer Service From Simaudio
If you’re referring to the Florida Dealer, last I heard they were still open, but Costa told me they aren’t a Simaudio Moon Dealer anymore.  
Great Customer Service From Simaudio
I’ve had similar great experiences with Costa and Costa. Several years ago, I purchased a new Neo 260D CD transport. I already had a Bryston DAC which I thought might be better than the $1000 upgrade board. When I received the unit from a Florida ... 
What do you drive and why?
Acura TL, 2004, 6spd, Brembo Brakes, 50,000 miles, paid off many years ago. Purchased new, not ONE single problem since new, EVER !!! 
Drink of choice for serious listening?
Absolutely.....If you bring some excellent weed, or a bag of really good oysters the door’s open 😉 
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
The madness would end really fast if people stopped buying cables at this price level. The prices would drop like a stone. They might even sell MORE of their pricy cables as the research/production/cost ratios improved. Duhhh!!! 
Drink of choice for serious listening?
Alone.... Petrus Red Friends..Krug or Dom bubbly  
Your Forever Pieces? What and Why?
After 40+ years endlessly buying and then selling my audio equipment, I’ve streamlined the whole shebang down to a Simaudio 700i Integrated amp, CD player and Focal Soprano No 2 Speakers. Only future upgrades I’d consider would be in the source. M... 
Switched from RCA to XLR Interconnects - WOW
3 years ago I purchased a Simaudio 700i amp which is a true dual mono balalanced circuit. I was using Discovery Essence RCA interconnects from a Simaudio CD Player. I thought it sounded great and was dead silent. Talking with Joe DePhillips the ca... 
Stillpoints - snake oil?
Jim, thanks for that information. Understanding the problems vibration creates in our audio system there is no reason to doubt that these devices do work as designed. Listen first to decide if they improve what you hear in your room.  
Stillpoints - snake oil?
Stillpoints are best used under speakers. Then if you’ve got plenty of dough, try them with your electronics. I’ve found they work magic with my Focal speakers on a suspended carpeted floor but less so with my Simaudio 700i amplifier or CD/DAC.  
Best used speakers under $10000
My Sopra 2’s have kept me happy since I purchased them nearly 3 years ago. Unless I get a new(bigger) home/listening room someday, my Sopra2’s are staying around for a long, long time. Awesome Speakers with great WAF.  
MFSL worth it?
My experience with MFSL goes back to the late 70's and thru the early 90's with their vinyl pressings including the original UHQR stuff.I enjoyed the quiet surfaces and flat discs compared to commercial pressings but sometimes their EQ differed fr...