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Last Audition - Blown Away By A Lottery System
I’m using Focal Sopra 2 speakers with a Simaudio 700i Integrated Amp and CD player with Discovery Cables. It’s a great combination.   
The secret to a great amplifier...
Just put one in my cable box and vacuum cleaner. Picture on TV looked great but WOW the vacuum cleaner sucks much better.  
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
Mitch, let me know the proper direction 🙏 
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
Expensive Fuses 😏 and Cable Lifters 👎 
Speaker recommendations for Simaudio Moon 700i V2
I’ve never heard the Kanta speakers. If you like to experiment with cables (I don’t) let me know what matches the Focal + 700i sound. I’ve had these Discovery Cables for years and never tried anything else. I’m using modestly priced SR Python Powe... 
Speaker recommendations for Simaudio Moon 700i V2
I’ve used the 700i with my Sopra No2 for the last few years. Previously I had B&W and Focal 1028be2 speakers. In my opinion the 700i sounds the best with the Focal sound. It’s a great amp and sounds great on the Sopra series. I use Balanced Di... 
Who puts their speakers right up against the back wall and why?
The Snell Type A2 I had years ago sounded really nice with 4”-6” space from a really solid wall.  A buddy had earlier Snell TypeA speakers without any rear vent or drivers and used them almost against the wall.  
What do/did you do for a living?
I flew really cool Jets for 35 years.  
Speaker recommendations for Simaudio Moon 700i V2
I’ve had several Focal Speakers that I’ve used with a Simaudio 700i. Currently I’m using the Sopra #2 with my 700i. It’s about as perfect a match for Focal as you can get without going broke. Yes, the 700i is fairly expensive but it’s so smooth an... 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
Simaudio 700i  
Caveat about the Cable Company return policy
I’ve also found them difficult to nearly impossible to deal with. I’ve stopped dealing with them.  
Looking for straight talk on Focal Sopra No 2 speakers
Taking those ugly shiny Tweeter Grills off should be on the first page of the quick setup guide. ....I could go on and on about how they ring like a bell from a fingernail tap, but it’s easier to just take them off. Nicer looking too !!! 
Sopra 2 soundstage height
I've had my Sopra 2's for several years now using a Simaudio 700i amplifier and Simaudio CD Player.  They've improved quite a bit after a few hundred hours of play time.  Recently, I've tried to get them dialed-in better to my room which is a Town... 
Great Customer Service From Simaudio
If you’re referring to the Florida Dealer, last I heard they were still open, but Costa told me they aren’t a Simaudio Moon Dealer anymore.  
Great Customer Service From Simaudio
I’ve had similar great experiences with Costa and Costa. Several years ago, I purchased a new Neo 260D CD transport. I already had a Bryston DAC which I thought might be better than the $1000 upgrade board. When I received the unit from a Florida ...