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Other forums?
Some to try:1.  Audio Aficionado2.  Audio Asylum3.  Audio Review4.  Steve Hoffman Music Forums 
What is they best album out there for showing off the sound quality of your system.
@celtic66 Thank you so much for mentioning the Gail Pettis album, "May I come in?" It is terrific! It is a very intimate recording in that it is as if they are performing for you in your listening room. Gail has a great voice and knows how to tell... 
Component vibration isolation question
I agree with @millercarbon that the "why" of damping or isolating your equipment from vibration and resonance doesn't matter. The truth is in the listening.  The results of using a variety of damping materials are predictable!  Use hard materials ... 
Volume suddenly dropped via my MacBook Pro
If you believe the issue is with your Macbook Pro you might want to use the Apple online support center.  Ask "Why might my Macbook Pro suddenly lose volume?"  If that doesn't work give your local Genius Bar a shot.  I have had great outcomes with... 
Happy 4th of July
Just a note of clarification...The USA is a constitutional republic with its representatives selected in democratic elections.  Thanks God and the founding fathers that they and He had the wisdom NOT to establish a "Democracy".  Whew! 
Happy 4th of July
Don't let the naysayers (leftists) get to are living in the greatest nation the world has ever known.  Be happy and healthy enjoying your celebration for what the founding fathers established for us.  Happy Independence Day!🧨🇺🇸 
My beloved CDP finally bit the dust
+1 on the Marantz SA 8005 
Audio Research Preamps vs. Conrad-Johnson preamps
My experience with cj and ARC is the cj had a natural warmth and smoothness of texture while still revealing music's subtle details.  In a head to head comparison I found the ARC to be cooler with the ever so slight hint of a hifi sound.  The fact... 
eqipment on 24/7?
I leave my entire system on 24/7.  That way it is always ready to perform when I want to listen.  And yes, I have 5 tubes in my system and they remain quiet and musical.  Don't over think it!  And if doing so would compromise the tubes' lifespan, ... 
@toneranger58.   I listened to the Rumer album 30 second snippets on Amazon and then ordered the CD.  Absolutely everything you said it is!  Thanks for posting about it! 
Audioquest question
@bluorion   What interconnect lengths do you need?  How much can you invest in cables that work with the Cary pre.? 
Audioquest question
@andirocks   Thanks for clarifying.  I didn't realize AQ was doing that at the lower end of their line.  😧 
Audioquest question
@bluorion   The right interconnect in a pair, has an RCA jack at each end of that right channel cable.  The same goes for the left channel cable.  There is no narrowing to one cord.  Are you perhaps talking about speaker cables not interconnects?I... 
Audioquest question
@bluorion  Huh?   I  have used many AQ interconnects over the years.  What do you mean that they "become one cable"? 
Graphene contact enhancer which one is best for the price and improvements
As I believe Frank had discussed very early on in the Total Contact thread, it was the medium in which the graphene was suspended, that was a major part of Tim Mrock's R&D.  Again, if memory serves, Frank and perhaps a couple others were "Beta...