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Qln, Joseph Audio, Audiovector, Marten, or Canton...?
Audio Vector R3s are wonderful speakers.   My friend owns a set and they sound magnificent.  In addition, consider a used set of Dali Epicon 6’s.  Another great looking and sounding smallish floor stander.    Both offer great resolution, detail a... 
Circle Labs A200 Integrated amplifier review - It will appeal to both tube and SS lovers……
Congratulations! More than enough power for your speakers.  You have some great speakers! Wonderful.    Enjoy!   
Amazing ehernet cable
OP, this is a good post by you and thank you. Time to ignore this fellow that has derailed this and other Ethernet threads. The reason is clear and goes far beyond his particular opinion. Not fruitful fellow Agoners.  
Types of Audiophiles
@charles1dad is the poster child for an audiophile monogamist 🙂.  One reason I really respect him. No doubt he is a loyal husband.    
Types of Audiophiles
Great stuff here! Fun. Thanks for the post @erik_squires .  
Neutral Dac?
I hope you like the Schiit dac! It sounds like a reasonable choice. I heard the top Yiggy model that was out some 3-4 years ago and while it was neutral, the way it did neutrality left me a tad cold. It was a bit mechanical sounding. Just my exper... 
聖HIJIRI Users thread
Yes, I have a 20 amp Hijiri Nogami power cord from my wall outlet to my Puritan 156. I liked it more than the $800 Puritan cord in my system. It works wonderfully for me and my system.   I also have the Nogami on my amp, dac and server.    
Recommend a good tube power amp in the 100 wpc range for under $4k
Want a great integrated amp for your F702s? Get the Circle Labs A200 hybrid Int amp.  Tube preamp section coupled with SS output.  Your Fyne speakers are a great match for the purity of this amp.  This one amp will greatly simplify your system and... 
Recommend a good tube power amp in the 100 wpc range for under $4k
@soix is spot on regarding the sonic blending of the two amps on the mids. No reason to add this problem to your system.   
Recommend a good tube power amp in the 100 wpc range for under $4k
I own the Fyne F704s and feel you are adding too much complexity to your system for no good reason.  Just get one good tube amp. No need for 100 watts unless you have a huge room.  One good tube amp will sound best.   
Neutral Dac?
@schw06  Like you I have owned and listened to many dacs over the years. I enjoyed many of them. However, I sensed there was still a dac out there that could do a better job of consistently engaging me into my music.  One that would become the fo... 
What are the big attractions at Capital Audiofest coming up this Friday?
Check out the Wolf Von Langa Son speakers in the Gestalt Audio Design room. The sound wonderful based on my experience with them.  Will be driven by New Audio Frontiers tube electronics.     
Best sounding CD player
The Neodio ORIGINE S2 CD player is stunningly good. You can also use it as a streaming dac. Easily some of the best sound I have ever heard in a digital front end.  
Stored, used, crossover capacitor burn in / reforming time
You will get 90% of what they sound like within the first 24 hours of play. Little change after that for the next couple of days of playtime.   
Boutique caps in oil... reliable?
@charles1dad    I also look forward to your comments on the Abbas 3.2SE dac.  I never of them before, but did some reading and find his attitude towards design and parts so darn fresh and wonderful.  A true artist!  Most intriguing.    I use th...