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Primaluna or not Primaluna
You might be interested in the Rogue Cronus Magnum 3. I purchased the Rogue after owning the Primaluna Dialogue Premium and found it more detailed and dynamic. It’s 100wpc and it has a switch that allows you to toggle between ultra linear and trio... 
@fuzztone I’ve owned the Aurender N100 for 4 years and never had a problem with the conductor app.  
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
Kevyn Lettau  
Zen mini mark III with lps or zen mark III
Johnny also sells Innuos and Aurender so you may be able to compare all three. He always has great advice and he’ll probably let you audition at home.   
Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?
The top picture is the new Pharaoh 2. These are different sounding amps and the major differences include a new amplifier circuit designed around the Hypex N-core amplifier modules increases both power and performance. The preamplifier includes nu... 
Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?
@avanti1960 Just curious. Were you describing the sound of the original Pharaoh or the newest version?  
Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?
I strongly recommend getting a NOS Mullard 12AU7 for the center tube slot which is the main preamp tube. The stock JJ tubes are bright and not as musical as the Mullard. Best wishes   
Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?
@matias1979  Did you buy it used or new?  
Rogue pharaoh II or Cronus Magnum III ?
I just sold my Magnum 3 for a Pharaoh 2 a few weeks ago. I had tuned the Magnum to suit my tastes using various tubes and it sounded wonderful. But I was curious to hear the Pharaoh after reading some posts here on the forum. Some of the members h... 
I'm confused - Different music...different speakers?
@smaarch1  Before purchasing the Cronus Magnum 3, I auditioned it at home with the stock K120 and didn’t like the overall sound especially with older recordings. When I returned it to the dealer, l told him I didn’t care for the sound. I tried KT... 
Rogue also makes a good solid integrated tube amp plus it is made in Pa. I visited their warehouse and watched their staff assemble the amps including circuit boards. Their customer service is excellent and I even spoke to Mark the owner/ designer... 
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Deja Vu - CSNY Live at the Fillmore East  - Allman Bros  
Raven Nighthawk Mk 3.1 vs Cronus Magnum III
@sj00884  Sorry if there was confusion with my statement above. The standard stock preamp tubes that come with the Rogue are ok but I preferred to replace them with tubes that suit my tastes. I tried several types before settling on my current sel... 
Raven Nighthawk Mk 3.1 vs Cronus Magnum III
 I don’t doubt Raven amps are good but how can you compare it with the Rogue with its standard stock tubes. I agree with the statements above concerning tube rolling on the Rogue. I’m using  NOS tubes in all 5 preamp locations and it’s a big impro... 
Who Were Your Mentors
Back in the early 70s, my brother and I would visit all the high end stores in Manhattan on a Saturday morning including Lyric Hifi, Park Ave Audio and Harvey Sound. We had no real mentors but listening to the equipment inspired us to get into the...