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Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
Deja Vu - CSNY Live at the Fillmore East  - Allman Bros  
Raven Nighthawk Mk 3.1 vs Cronus Magnum III
@sj00884  Sorry if there was confusion with my statement above. The standard stock preamp tubes that come with the Rogue are ok but I preferred to replace them with tubes that suit my tastes. I tried several types before settling on my current sel... 
Raven Nighthawk Mk 3.1 vs Cronus Magnum III
 I don’t doubt Raven amps are good but how can you compare it with the Rogue with its standard stock tubes. I agree with the statements above concerning tube rolling on the Rogue. I’m using  NOS tubes in all 5 preamp locations and it’s a big impro... 
Who Were Your Mentors
Back in the early 70s, my brother and I would visit all the high end stores in Manhattan on a Saturday morning including Lyric Hifi, Park Ave Audio and Harvey Sound. We had no real mentors but listening to the equipment inspired us to get into the... 
Interesting thought
The younger generation today have no patience or interest in hi end or hobbies. I’m also into model railroading and the only people in the train stores are us older folks. Concerning live music, my wife and I used to attend concerts at PNC Art cen... 
Hybrid Integrated Amps
Verdantaudio I appreciate your response since I was curious what others have experienced with hybrids. As you stated the hybrids get close but no cigar which is what I would have expected. A couple of dealers I spoke to concur with your findings. ... 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Rogue Audio- Both Mark O’Brien and Nick are always available to discuss my questions. Customer service is A+++ 
What Amp with Sonus Faber Olympica 3?
The discussion may helphttps://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/upgrade-quandary-ref-75se-vs-ref-150-non-se 
Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves
@lowrider57 I plan to use the DH cones once again with the maple shelves. I’ve tried various footers from Herbies , Synergistic, etc but found the DH cones to more detailed and a tighter bass. @onhwy61 I purchased this rack years ago from Best Buy... 
Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves
 MillercarbonI appreciate your opinion and advice but I decided to go with maple shelves. I agree with all that the glass shelves need to go. I was reading that glass also has reflective properties that might add unwanted sounds. I can always expe... 
Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves
@tvad Your advice seems sound (pun intended).I will call Chris and get a quote, thanks  
Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves
@lowrider57 The cutting boards are 1” thick and are made of sheesham wood which is harder than maple and bamboo. 
Need advice concerning audio cabinet shelves
Thanks for all your ideas.My idea of placing a 1” thick board over the entire glass shelf was to minimize the glass from vibrating plus it was much less expensive than a lone thicker board. Would it make sense to place the sorbothane between the g... 
My really dumb tube mistake(s)
Can anyone recommend a tester for KT77s? 
My really dumb tube mistake(s)
This may seem like a dumb question, but can a tube tester provide the status of a tube prior to failure?