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A deeper more holographic soundstage.
RoxySome details of your room size and a picture of your speaker set up would be helpful. Small changes to the speaker position such as toe in might even help.  
Warm romantic & detailed
Jeff,I understand what you are going through. I used to own the Focal 1027be and no matter what I tried, I had the same conclusion as you are having. The Focal beryllium tweeters were quite annoying especially on poor recordings. They were very de... 
Conrad Johnson or PrimaLuna
@jjss49 I own the Cronus Magnum 3. I bought mine with GL KT77 tubes instead of the stock KT120 tubes. I feel the KT77s have a better midrange and soundstage. 
Conrad Johnson or PrimaLuna
I owned the PL Dialogue Premium prior to the Rogue. The PL was serviced 3 times in 4 years and the problem was with the auto bias section. Each time a power tube lit up and blew the board. Rogue uses individual fuses for each power tube in case th... 
Conrad Johnson or PrimaLuna
I would consider a new Rogue Audio Magnum 3 integrated amp also. Made here in the US and great customer service. It has 100w per channel, a phono section and a headphone jack. Very easy to bias the tubes and it comes in 2 finishes. If interested c... 
Caveat about the Cable Company return policy
Without telling me, they dropped me as a customer since I didn’t buy some of the Synergistic 30 day trial period items like fuses. I tried calling several times but was put on hold. Finally I was able to contact them and was told I’m no longer a v... 
Home ripping to flac
+1 dbpoweramp  
Should I upgrade my Tubes
readheads,I agree with Nick at Rogue that tube rolling the center with a Mullard 12AU7 NOS will give you the biggest impact since that is what I’m using on my Magnum 3. Great detail, bass and quite smooth without any edgy brightness. Call Andy at ... 
Poor value vs snake oil...
+1 mijostyn 
Vandersteen Quatro CT *beginner* questions
If you have limited funds, Audio Connection also has demo/used Quatros and 5As for sale. Johnny R is A++ 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
@arafiq The Orchid does support 24/192 so you can stream 24 bit. I had my Orchid modded by Grannyring with better caps and resistors which brought it to a new level. Even before it was modded it sounded great. You can’t go wrong for $1200.  If you... 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
@teajay +1 
The Mhdt lab Balanced Pagoda DAC
@janehamble (Jeremy)What’s your problem?I don’t understand your responses here on audiogon. You make accusations without any proof and see no benefit to your comments.I actually made 2 purchases based on teajay’s reviews since we share the same ta... 
Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less
My MHDT Orchid was recently modded by Grannyring (Bill) and all I can say is wow. The sound is cleaner and clearer without sounding glaring. The soundstage is larger and more holographic. Right now I’m listening to Jessica Williams Live at Yoshi’s... 
Help Needed (please) From Aurender N100H User
Call their US number at +1 (888) 367-0840