Mofi Returns for What & Why?

On the current Stereophile is an interesting article by Barry Willis heralding the return of legendary audiophile record label Mobile Fidelity. The innovative company that pioneered the 1/2 speed mastering of legenadry albums by Pink Foyd. Steely Dan,The Beatles Rolling Stones and also the non-legendary remastering of Gino Vinelli,Melissa Manchester is being relaunched under new ownership and saluted by the now mainstream press. This much awaited event
is realized in the issuing of Modern Cool by Patricia Barber on SACD with others to follow on SACD as well as the "possible revival of half speed mastering and heavy vinyl records for the discerning audiophile." For what?, why bother? SACD has been coming for years so has the new Mobile Fidelity company. SACD is still a fringe format. Vinyl lovers (such as myself) buy vinyl everyday on ebay and auction houses. Why not release vinyl?
When Music Direct announced the acquistion of the Mofi intellectual properties, they did a survey asking what were the people's favored titles. My personal favorites were Hendrix, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and a few others (I like all kinds of music). Just how do you associate the limited past glories of Mobile Fidelity with the trumpeting of the release of a niche artist with a even more limiting format? All for the "possibility" of future vinyl releases? Of what? This mis-marketing seems to me, to be mostly a waste of time. Somebody please exlpain the rationality of all of this to me. I got one hand on my wallet and the other one switching to ebay!
Pardon me folks, I meant current stereophile website.
if you really want to see some lp's, try
Try sending your comments directly to Jim Davis at as he would be more than glad to listen. After all, he is in business to make money. He also realizes that if he can't give the customer what they want and do it in a friendly and timely manner at a reasonable price, the business will fail. I don't think that Jim put forth the effort to try and revive MoFi to do that. Sean
Why should we send comments to MD? MD did the survey, they're in the business. I started this thread so that we as consumers can have a discussion so that they can change/modify what appears to me, behavior that will kill all efforts before they start. I'm a customer of Music Direct already and enjoy the relationship fine. I've never had a problem. Produciton on cost effective, timeless basis are basic business priciples Mr. Davis already knows as Music Direct is not in the farm leagues of home audio business. I'm quite sure he knows MOFI's past mistakes, and history.But,the amount of press, gossip, discusion concerning the restart of MOFI combined with the facts of the new direction of MOFI is like getting a firecracker when expecting a fireworks display. So what?
Just make a list of your favorite ten recordings that you wanted MOFI to reissue in any of it's incarnations. How many times did you pick Patricia Barber,and did you pick it for an unestablished format?
I hope the revival of Mofi is a big success for both SACD and vinyl. I think SACD is poised for big growth. I missed out on releases of MofiI vinyl in the 80's and 90's and would like a chance to buy some high quality vinyl issues. MD /Mofi owns the vinyl cutting machines which are probably the best in the world. Why not put these to use. The few Mofi vinyl issues I do have sound great.
I have purchased so many used vinyl records that are worn out and not worth having. The Mofi vinyl on Ebay and other sites seems priced way too high.
There could be some momentum gain for SACD by doing this. Which is a good thing as it sounds great.
You are so very wrong, my friend. SACD is the new champion; vinyl is the dinosaur. Go buy your antique LP's on eBay. The rest of us relish the introduction of a new and superior digital format. MoFi has the foresight to see SACD as the new standard. Vinyl is on the fringe, and maybe still a minor force in the marketplace, but SACD will carry the weight in future sales. Don't misunderstand: I support your purchase and enjoyment of LP's, but I believe MoFi sees the future in SACD. Don't start slamming them before they even get back up and running. I hope they release the entire back catalogue on SACD.