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What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
Don't need 3..Just one ..Tidal 'Akira' John Atkinson's he has ever heard..If you have the chance to hear them..don't miss the chance.. 
I agree with 'cymbop' in that Qobuz, which i have been beta testing for a week,is a better alternative to Tidal in a number of ways..The hi-rez sound is, in my opinion, as good or better than MQA. The availability of so many classical albums makes... 
Best audio companies and dealers
TheVoiceThatIs...Doug White.....Dealer for Tidal Audio and many other superb audio lines. No-one ¬†that i have ever dealt with goes the extra mile to see to it that the customer is not only satisfied after his/her purchase but educated about the ge... 
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
Bob..anything new on the horizon with Cerious Technology cables..? 
Latest Psvane WE300B-Plus Tubes - Any Feedback?
freesole..having had both the Royal Princess and currently the Psvane WE 300 b i would switch both of them in your list.To Me, the ¬†Psvane WE 300b is better, by more than a little. I will be buying a pair of the new WE 300b that are currently bein... 
Soulution vs Boulder vs TAD electronics vs MBL whi
Emigene...did you ever buy the app/amps you were looking for.?..Do you live in the USA and if you live near Virginia...?..If so, i think you would love to come and hear my SET amps.Only 2 pair in existence.they are very expensive. If you lo... 
Cover songs that are better than the originals.
Dar Williams..'comfortably numb'''....very close to being better.. 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
SURE !!!! 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
array1138....actually i did purchase the EquiCore 300 and still use it on my Lumin A1.My problem has nothing to do with the products but the person behind them and his less than professional way he went about promising delivery of products that he... 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
I hope you're not holding your breath...!!! 
Which Subwoofer would you choose?
just bought 2 REL 212 SE in an S5. to say they are amazing would be an understatement. The REL rep drove 3 hrs to set them could not be happier. Any question is answered quickly by their staff. 
Core Power Technologies this point in your new acquisition of the company you are certainly going the extra mile for we previous Core Power followers...Thanks ... 
Core Power Technologies
Ill join in also to say that the Equi Core 300 that i have is great.. 
Room treatments- Piega C10 Ltds
Brent..glad to hear from you. i sold my C-40s about 8 yrs ago and bought Tidal Contriva Diacera-SE speakers...They are very-very good.Certainly my last speakers...I would definitely research the GIK company. They really impressed my with their kno... 
Room treatments- Piega C10 Ltds
knollbrent..great speakers..i also had C-10ltd and C-40s ...I would second GIK....I have met the owners and they are not only great people..husband/wife....but extremely smart...Glenn the husband's name..They will, in the near future, be...