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LinLai WE 300B or the LinLai Global Elite Permaloy 300B tubes ?
I have two WE300B tubes coming to try vs my Psvane ACME 300b tubes. I have tried Elrogs …Royal Princess and Psvane WE 300 B also. 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
My Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET monoblocks are the best amps I have heard. An Audionote Japan dealer said of the original prototypes that they were the 'best amps he had ever heard."..I would not trade them for any other tube amp combo. 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Bass is superb..! 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Tidal Audio...Lumin... 
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
He is speaking with 'all the confidence of ignorance'..if you have ever heard a good room ..evaluated and treated by a professional room guru he would change his mind in a heartbeat.Of course room treatments help...if, they are properly positioned... 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Have had mine for about 3 weeks. By far the best speaker cables i have tried. Cant wait for the interconnects..A reviewer friend of mine thinks the same.. 
Should I got full tubes or stick with hybrid amps?
Nothing beats a great SET.....operative word ...’great’...IMO..... 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Just installed the Fidelium cables today and they are the real deal. Believe what Greg Weaver said in his review. They are replacing $13k retail cables. Can’t wait to hear them improve... 
The best speakers over 50K
1+.....stick to the subject...!!! 
The best speakers over 50K
Tidal speakers are hard to beat.The G2 Contriva is just above the $50k level and they go up from there both in price and performance.Really hard to beat.. 
C-Marc Entropic Process Power Cable
nglazer...was the previous post helpful...???I have one of Mr. Moteks' C-MARC 'Entropic' pcs and use it on my Lumin X1. Mr. Motek will tell you that your digital gear is the best place to use his pc.It is superb on my Lumin and bettered a pc many ... 
2-Silent Source 'The Music Reference' and 1 -Lessloss C-MARC Entropic pc. 
Where to buy decent 845 and 211 tubes?
I have the Psvane WE 845s but will be shortly be upgrading to the ACME 845s. I have the ACME 300Bs and they are great. 
845 Tubes
I also can second the Psvane 845s. I have used the Psvane WE845s and upgraded to the ACME 845s..great tubes and great people to work with. Rachel is great. 
Lumin or Aurender
My vote is for the Lumin.I have upgraded from the A1...superb the S1 and will be upgrading to the X1 in the near future. Their support is beyond compare. Peter Li is available via many of the websites to answer and help with any question re...