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Best 845 tubes on market as of August 2023
I have 2 pair of the Psvane ACME 845s..2 each in both my SET mono blocks and very rarely have to bias mine.i check the bias about every 3 months.I love them.  
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Tidal speakers ....  
I have both the Psvane Acme 845s x 2 pair and 2 of the Acme 300b tubes….they are great.I also have the new WE 300B from Roseville,Ga.I like thei Acme better…they will get better  
Subwoofer for Tidal Amea (like Focal Sopra)
D audio.. I have Tidal Contrivance Diacera-SE speakers and use REL 212SE subs x 2 with my system. The sound is fabulous. Call Mr. Hunter at REL … great guy… who will help you with your decision. You can probably use one or 2 of their smaller model... 
The 300B World
My SET monoblocks use 300B as the driver tubes. I have used Psvane ACME 300B and the new WE 300 B tubes. the WE tubes are better but you have to let them burn in for about 300 hrs before they reach their best.I use 845 tubes as my output tubes and... 
What was the most impactful addition to your system?
My Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET far..and I have Tidal Audio Contriva Dicera-SE speakers..  
SET Shootout China VS The USA
Charles..believe you are correct..I have the Psvane ACME 845s ...2 in each SET and WE 300B ..1 each in the SETs as the driver tubes.both are amazing tubes..would not trade my SETs for any other amps..  
Best speakers around $130k?
Tidal speakers……..I’ve heard most of the speakers in that price range and ,imo,they are the best. I have had a Magic dealer in my home who thought my Tidals might be the best he has heard….  
First Sound Preamplifiers Impressions
had a FS top of the line Pre and it was just great.  
Tidal Speakers owners
I have a very good friend who has the G2 Pianos in a room larger than yours and his system sounds great.i have Tidal Contrive Diacera -SE speakers. would never change to another brand.after getting them, if you want more bass, add 2 REL subs....yo... 
LinLai WE 300B or the LinLai Global Elite Permaloy 300B tubes ?
I have two WE300B tubes coming to try vs my Psvane ACME 300b tubes. I have tried Elrogs …Royal Princess and Psvane WE 300 B also. 
The best tube poweramp. . What do you think about ?
My Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET monoblocks are the best amps I have heard. An Audionote Japan dealer said of the original prototypes that they were the 'best amps he had ever heard."..I would not trade them for any other tube amp combo. 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Bass is superb..! 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Tidal Audio...Lumin... 
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
He is speaking with 'all the confidence of ignorance'..if you have ever heard a good room ..evaluated and treated by a professional room guru he would change his mind in a heartbeat.Of course room treatments help...if, they are properly positioned...