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Mola Mola Tambaqui Roon vs Separate Streamers
Hi @dayglow sounds awesome!  Let us know.  I have had my eye on the Grimm as well for my MMT!  Will you use USB?  
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
Most are easily separated from their $$$ when they perceive an improvement, enjoyment and satisfaction from the purchase.  This is true in everything we buy. If you don't see, hear, taste  or feel the improvement, then you are most welcome to kee... 
Where should I go from here with my digital front end?
Hi @emil, I agree with @audphile1 here and have also avoided Fiber for those reasons.  Plenty report it either is or is not an improvement.  I recommend the Acoustic Network's filter.  I have the Muon and it made an immediate improvement, and does... 
Do Streamer only devices really impact sound quality?
@dvdgreco , There is no doubt that adding a good quality streamer to a good system will make a big difference.  It is likely that the Node and the Cambridge are not all that different. I added an Auralic Aries G2.1 in front of my already good sou... 
Types of Audiophiles
Not really a ladder, as I seem to be: 1) A PURIST and  2) A BRAND LOYALIST  
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
Hello @phishhhhh4, I too avoid (hate) the little battery packs associated with some cables.  I have high end stuff with a mix of Kubala Sosna Elation and Realization and I love them.  I have tried many others and I did  have a full loom of Audienc... 
DACs that do well without a preamp
Hey @mitch2, that is what I said:  "A good pre amp just sounds better" and @azwill I have tried my Tambaqui directly vs through my Audionet Preamp and it is much nicer through the preamp. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  
Mola Mola Tambaqui Roon vs Separate Streamers
Yes!  Immediate noticeable improvement.  Blacker, more lifelike, Richer, fuller.    
What about wall plate connections?
What about wall plate connections?
I decided to just go ahead and use a JCAT coupler.  Easy to pop out the cheap wall plate part and ran the Supra cable through the wall (on both ends).  
DACs that do well without a preamp
Hello @seanheis1 , Interesting opinion which may be sometimes true.  My Amps and Pre are perfect together.  My opinion on this is that the preamp boosts the signal making it much better for the amps.  Of course this could be more significant with ... 
Speaker Stand Help
Timbernation makes nice quality fairly priced stuff.  All natural wood if you want that.  
Snake oil of the year?
I have the M12 switch from JCAT.  It is hugely better than the standard switch I replaced.  If you have not heard a good switch you should.  So tired of network experts who know without listening.  
Do I need a streamer?
@lalitk, @fuzztone ​​@mapman +1 on getting a dedicated streamer. Per @lalitk : "However, there are many here who were in OP position and believed what they heard sounded great until they made a switch to dedicated streamer and freely acknowledge... 
DACs that do well without a preamp
i tried several DACs w analogue volume control.  All sounded better through my preamp. I guess If you do not have a good preamp, it is a nice way to go.  A good preamp improves the sound to my ears, that I have tried.   I do get it, I ONLY have...