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Which power cords help ameliorate digital glare/grain/digititus?
"Aftermarket power cords cannot improve sound quality, but they can be made in such a way as to mitigate EMI whilst delivering sufficient current to the load."    Keep sleepwalking.   
Looking for a SPDIF cable from Adiogon
Audio Envy  
Caveat about the Cable Company return policy
I noticed this while I was contemplating a purchase.  The 8 ft vs. meter thing also bugged me.  Prior to a purchase, I would feel compelled to get an email reply from them specifying which items are returnable.Also, after 2 prior purchases, the it... 
Jumpers - how long is long enough
Any thoughts on solid vs stranded?A while back I used some fairly sturdy copper foil.I haven't done this for a long time because I bi-wire most of the time. 
Speaker wire... Diy?
Take your circle jerk somewhere else boys. 
Speaker wire... Diy?
This is a thread about DIY speaker cables.  Not you two.  Why don't you and your buddy start your own thread? 
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
Thank you Doug and celander for the information.. 
Which transport with my Jay's Audio DAC?
“Remember, zimmerma, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping that this post finds you, and finds you well.”  
Which transport with my Jay's Audio DAC?
zimmerma - Not to convolute the discussion, here is an upsampling transport that works with the Chord Dave DAC.  
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
Doug - Then (1) Audio Sensibility double XLR cable used as an AES cable worked well with the Comet DAC?  Since I have a set of them  (Audio Sensibility Impact SE double XLR),  I had been wondering about trying one for AES duty.The only thing stopp... 
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
celander - Which SM AES cable are you going to listen to?I look forward to your findings. 
Has anyone tried these stunning new CPT power cord?
Again, the use of the word "Stunning." 
Anybody has experience with SILNOTE ic, digital cables, speaker cables and power cables?
shkongThank you. 
Anybody has experience with SILNOTE ic, digital cables, speaker cables and power cables?
shkongAre these SPDIF RCA or AES?Is the Zenwave brighter than the Silnote?Thanks 
Morrow Audio Speaker cables / high end brightness ??
I could not find any measurement data on the Morrow SP 5s.  If such was available, I would suggest contacting Roger Sanders regarding the compatibility of the SP 5s with the M2s.I have not tried another set of cables to see if the SP 5s are bright...