The most hilarious ad ever on Audiogon?
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I've been using an earlier but not quite vintage model with my garage system. In the nearfield position, these are absolutely incredible but quickly lose their punch when used from a distance.

A little tweak I discovered is to shorten the captive power cord. The unit now gets up to operating temp quicker and an added bonus is the sound of the metal expanding has a purer tone.

My next tweak is to dim the lighted rocker switches for those quiet nights when they can be a distraction.
Definitely hot stuff.
Don't buy that model! I have it from an inside source (Ralph's HVAC of Ypsilanti) that they will announce an Ultimate Reference model any day now. Without a doubt it will be a major upgrade.
Hilarious and a great read...thanks Stewie
looks like a radiator
I have been using a single of the same model as a sub for my Quads. It is so fast you can't tell it is there other than the warmth it imparts to the whole spectrum.
That's what's so great about them!!! The Ultimate Reference will replace the casters with points and offer silver as a color option!!!
Did you see the heat sinks on that amp!
Check out the De-Longhi forum. The hot topic right now is the new quick change oil mod. It makes a very simple process out of "oil rolling". A lot of the guys switched to cottonseed oil but found the presentation a little on the dry side. A couple of members who have started using sunflower oil, and say it adds a large amount of bloom to their systems.
Wow. At first I thought this was real... I think i'd better stop smoking those 'funny cigarettes'

The key question is:

"Does anyone step up and buy 'em?"


Sad thing is I had to read it twice before I realized that they'd be too warm for my taste.

You haven't really heard what they're capable of until you put a Clever Little Clock in the room.
You haven't really heard what they're capable of until you put a Clever Little Clock in the room.
And on that note, my nomination is:
You haven't really heard what they're capable of until you put a Clever Little Clock in the room.

And also change out the wimpy power cord to a valhalla!!!!
They're actually quite cheap, when you consider all the snakes that sacrifised their lives for all that oil.
I believe my Atma-sphere amps generate more heat.
I have a same pair with better condition for sale at only $20K.
11-25-09: Facten
looks like a radiator

I once relocated my Plinius SA-100 amp to the living and placed it on the floor(speakers and source in another room). One of my cousins thought the Plinius was a microwave oven. Good heavens he didn't attempt to open the oven door by the handles on the amp, that would be hilarious. He is not an avid audio enthusiast by the way.
Neat amps♫ []
Nice description too!
These things are the real deal.

You do need to pair them with some amps above 0% efficiency but if you do you may be rewarded with glorious sound. It is important not to skimp on the second pair of "booster" amps.
When I first saw the ad, I was confused - I kept thinking De Longhi...De Longhi?? It's a good thing I shared this with my spouse (the one with the superior high frequency acuity) who said, "Don't get them. Besides, we'd need 4 of them to run the MegaLines!"
It should look like a radiator. 0% efficiency, that means all the power drawn from the wall is dissipated as heat and none transferred to the "load". What a bunch of.....
Can they be bridged?
There is definite home theater potential as well, especially if placed adjacent to the rear and surround speakers they are driving.

You might think of offering a Home Theater package with 7 of these amps run in mono, with some sort of a price break. After all everyone is always looking for a "deal", especially for Xmas!! I bet they would be a big hit in Canada and Northern Europe in the winters when everyone stays in and watches movies.

I'll look for your booth at CES....
This current ad cracks me up:
I vote for this one:
This place never ceases to amaze me!
love it
How can I convince my girlfriend to put up half for these beauties.
I remember when looking to buy sub's then it struck me, I told her she can use it as furniture. Now I can't get her to sit elsewhere.
Vvrinc- that one is SCARY!!!!
Wake me up when you've finished reading!
Anybody finished reading the whole thing?
These may need dedicated power lines!Massive heat sinks!
Ryder- I would say they got $6 worth of rant.
I did read the entire Diakom ad. I needed someone to put me in my place, as I deserve to be punished. Gotta hand it to them, they know how to sell a product, whatever it is....

The guys from Minnesota, Higher Fi (?), used to run a series of very funny ads where they would create fictitious products, with pictures and all, and hilarious copy. Don't know if they still have them on their website.

I still like the OP's ad best. Did not realize I had such a valuable piece of high end equipment in my third floor room. Silly me, I was only using it to keep warm.
Hi Ryder,

Gee...after reading that I kinda feel like I either need to take a shower or go to confession!
This is the link to some of the rather, uh, unique products that Higher Fi used to advertize:
Hey< this is news to me or just HILARIOUS? series m2 VERY possibly the worlds best amp-look here!? WHO KNEW