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Pre amps cost vs. value ... what I discovered last month.
Jeff Rowland Consummate --> BAT VK-51SE --> BAT REX --> Atma-Sphere MP-1 --> Grace Design m905 --> 2400 Audio Imperium 
What's happened to the used high end market recently?? Sales are tough....:0(
Terrific replies to this thread.Some things to contemplate this Mother's Day Weekend.  ;-) 
Hugh Masekela, RIP
R.I.P., Hugh.  Thank you for your anti-apartheid music. 
Solid state DAC under 12K retail preferably with ethernet
Do you want DSD with that? 
Are tuners still popular
May I presume the stations being tuned in are broadcasting in analog and reception is via terrestrial antenna?Thanks.Sam 
Anyone Had Extended Listening Experience With MBL?
Nice gear, but show demos were excessively LOUD. 
Preferred AES/EBU 110 ohm digital 1.5 meter cables you recommend
I've recently enjoyed cables made from Furutech wire, but uncertain if they have 110 ohm spec wire...they probably do.  Also, Mogami has an AES/EBU patch cable, which I've employed as analogue IC's, that are splendid performers. 
Any one going to the new LA Audio show at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel
My spouse and I had enjoyed all prior THE Shows.  Our favorite was the Hotel Irvine venue.  We may miss the LAAS. 
RIP Sharon Jones
R.I.P. Dear Ms. Jones. 
Reel to Reel tape decks
Orpheus,I think prices have already gone up on decks.  Moreover, the prices on tapes -- some of unknown or dubious provenance -- has gone up...unquestionably. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
London Grammarhttps://youtu.be/v-cmmT3YoF0  
Best amps to use for the Dali megalines
@tortilladc,I've heard those Wavestream amps on Elliot's MegaLine III speakers.  At the time, he was running a SS amp, Forsell Statement, on the bottoms, iirc.  The amps between the V8 Wavestream monoblocks appear to be Genesis amplifiers. 
Best amps to use for the Dali megalines
Oh, forgot...congrats on your acquisition -- I wish you innumerable hours of musical bliss.  :-) 
Best amps to use for the Dali megalines
Hi,Four identical monoblocks drive our MegaLine III loudspeakers.Best,Sam 
Your first component that was "special"
Rogers LS3/5a  :-)