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Responses from tpreaves

What's Your Fantasy Supergroup?
Tiny Tim,Boxcar Willie,Zamphir,Slim Whitman and Yoko Ono. 
Bobbie Gentry or Dusty Springfield?
I'd do both of them. 
Worst Audio Injury !!
I dislocated my jaw laughing at Geoffkait's Teleportation tweek !!!!!!!!!!! 
Chris meets Jimi
My God, Squire looks like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Stein accessories/"quantum organization"
I'm buying a dozen of each and then my Bose Wave System will truly be "World Class". 
What do you drive and why?
1997 GMC 4X4, because I want to. 
How many brands use own drivers?
BOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
What is the BLUE JEANS equivalent for Power Cables?
List of european tube amplifier manufacturers
You asked for European tube amp manufacturers. That's why I made the statement about PrimaLuna.Good luck in your search. 
List of european tube amplifier manufacturers
Put Octave Audio at the top of your list.BTW, PrimaLuna is manufactured in China. 
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
Why in God's name do you want a taco from Taco Bell? 
Is OPPO worth the inflated price?
Buy a player from a company that is still producing them. 
Your ship just came in! time to buy new gear..?
Only 56K, I wouldn't even bother. 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
MBL Radialstrahler mbl 101 E MK II with full MBL electronics.Why? I have no idea!!!!! 
Arguments devolve on threads to wordsmithing contests
It seems to be the SOP on most online discussion sites. Why, I have no idea.