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Recording quality...
You like what you like. End of story. 
What Will Happen to Your Music Collection and Equipment When You.......
The dog gets everything !!!!! 
Absolute Sound - do we really need another review like this? we really need another┬ádiscussion like this?  
Yami A-S1100
Lazy mans way to spell Yamaha!!!!!!!! 
Is It Safe to Warm Up Power Amps Without Speakers Attached
If it happens to be an Octave Audio amp, sure you can. 
Do you admit that you ever enjoyed listening to:
No, but why ask such a dumb question? Sorry, I forgot, there are no dumb questions. 
Is this a disgrace to the Industry ?
Feeling a little insecure kapa11? 
Speaker Cable Burn in Companies
Instead of paying for shipping and for someone to burn-in your cables, why don't you just connect them to your system and let the music play? Oh yeah, pay benjie the $50.00 you owe him !!!!! 
Looking at a new non-SACD player, but still own lots of SACDs
Grab a Marantz SA8005 and sent it to Modwright instruments for their "truth" tube modifications. You won't be sorry. 
Idiot trying to upgrade his system - likes the tube sound
Consider a Marantz SA8005 with Modwright "Truth" modifications. 
CD Player Suggestions under $ 500
I think either of these units would be a good bet. 
Anticables: Scam?
He doesn't seem to want to change his wording. 
What is best tweeter height for the Devore O/96?
dchang198150 posts01-11-2017 3:07amnot sure if devore has any specific background in speaker design Really? 
Best reasonably priced SACD player?
I suggest the Marantz SA8005 . When you're ready to take it up to the next level, send it to Modwright Instruments for their "Truth" modifications. You will then own a world class player at a fraction of the cost. 
Selling speakers to a buyer in Russia?
Only one way to be totally sure, don't do it.