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Impressions of the Stones SACDs
The SHM-SACD's from CDJapan sound much better than the Abkco releases. The Hot Rocks SACD sounds terrible to me too. 
Cambridge Audion Azur 840 C problems
I had the same problem with a Cambridge integrated. I sent it to the authorized repair facility and they kept it for 3 months. Everytime I called about the amp, it was excuse after excuse why it wasn't fixed yet. When I finally got it back, it sta... 
Octave Audio amplifiers
Sorry Inna, I don't know how to explain those things. All I can say is it sounds very good to these ears. 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
 gpgr4blu409 posts10-12-2016 10:41pmThat's easy: Top 3 in order of worst first1)KISS2)Styxs3)RushRunner up:Bon JoviI like how you think !!!!!!! 
Octave Audio amplifiers
I have an Octave V70SE integrated and love the sound. The only other all tube unit I've owned is a Rouge Audio Tempest II Magnum that I really liked but the Octave does everything better.  
Looking for SACD player............
I got the tube mods. Looking forward to hearing this thing!!! 
Looking for SACD player............
Well, I bought an SA8005 and sent it directly to Modwright for full on modifications. I'm fourth in line so it shouldn't take very long. It's more than I was planning on spending but this will more than likely be my last player as I'm getting "lon... 
Favorite guitar players not named......
Guthrie Trapp 
Who is the best singer of the world ?
Who is the best singer of the world ?Without a doubt, the Japanese Songbird, Yoko Ono. 
Looking for SACD player............
@tpreaves - do you have many SACD discs?I have a pretty good collection and add to it about monthly. Why do you ask? 
Looking for SACD player............
8001 and 8005 sorry for the mixup in numbers!!!!!!!! 
Anyone has a sound like that ? Impressive.
They all seem to sound the same through my computer speakers. :)Ditto. 
Getting overtone in a pair of bookshelf speaker.
Jim, the guys are dead right on this one. 
Ultimate sub?
I hear you Jmc, I get the same thing for saying ,"there's no best....". 
Is there a perfect speaker?
Is there a perfect speaker?In a word, no.