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Getting overtone in a pair of bookshelf speaker.
Jim, the guys are dead right on this one. 
Ultimate sub?
I hear you Jmc, I get the same thing for saying ,"there's no best....". 
Is there a perfect speaker?
Is there a perfect speaker?In a word, no. 
Ultimate sub?
Never much talk about subs? Search the archives, you'll find plenty of talk about subs. 
Listener fatigue: what does it really mean?
B, quit over analyzing this stuff. You will soon grow tired of listening and start doing something really lame, like watching Dancing With the Stars. 
wiring monoblocks to speakers
03-03-13: AlmargThere is no universal answer, as it depends on various technical characteristics of the particular components, as well as on the characteristics of the cables, and the preferences of the listener. Those are among the reasons that o... 
My turntable hates Cat Stevens
My turntable hates Cat StevensYour TT has good taste !!!! 
phono section
03-02-13: Mt10425Is too, is not, is too, is not, is too, is not!My nominee for post of the year, hell maybe the decade!!!! 
Mozart Fans Only
You do know that Einstein was border-line insane, don't you? For that matter, so was Mozart !!!!! 
buyer beware do not buy from this seller
File a dispute with your card company. 
Machina Dynamica
Still skirting the issue I see. 
Replacing Virtual Dynamic speaker cables
02-26-13: Brf"not so good for day to day use"What exactly do you do to your cables on a daily basis? Yes, inquiring minds want to know. 
Thoughts on interconnect vs. speaker cable length.
So what is your question? 
Cables more hype than value?
For the same reason it matters to the believers...... So you'll have something to argue about. 
SACD remasters- any better than CD version?
The only answer I can come up with for your question, "SACD remasters- any better than CD version?" is, maybe/maybe not. The idea of something sounding better than something else is purely subjective and you really have to hear it for yourself to ...