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Two vs four subwoofers for music playback
If 2 is good, 4 must be better. Hell,12 should be the gateway to enlightenment!!!!  
Making a digital "mixed tape"
You can send a playlist to thumb drive via JRiver. I have done it numerous times. Ask the guy what format his softwares can decode and put that format on yor thumb drive.  
' Tis the season!
Obviously a SS guy. 😂   No Sir 😁  
New member interested in selling pair of Vandersteen 1ci; sane shipping methods?
I like how you put up an ad without paying for it !!!!!!!  
Bi Amping
You're happy, that's all that matters.  
' Tis the season!
Bah f'n humbug !!!!!!!!!  
Integrated vs. Separates on a Budget
Second the integrated idea. $3000.00 will get a lot better integrated than seperates,IMHO.  
Who Were Your Mentors
Pop Staples was one of my true mentors. Marty Stuart 
On ''what there is''
Are all of you high? Don't hide it,let's divide it!!!! 
RIP. Dusty Hill
Rest well Brother Dusty 
ZZ Top-Dusty Hill RIP
Rest well Brother Dusty 
What Integrated Amp do You use
  Octave  V 70 SE, great sounding modern tube integrated. 
Best Sounding Speaker Cables?
That's something you'll have to decide for yourself. 
Feeling the Spirit!
Give a listen to The Kentucky Headhunters version of "Spirit In The Sky". 
How to biwire?