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Don't sugarcoat it Don !!!! 
Asking price for Tyler Woodmeres
Call Tyler Acoustics, Ty will help you. Great guy. 
Safe Way To Transport LPs
onhwy613,886 posts05-12-2017 6:52amIf packed tightly in boxes the heat won't be a problem. For generations records have been shipped worldwide in every climate imaginable without problems. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
What drugs do you use to enhance your listening experience?
 I didn't do the cocaine to get high. I just liked the way it smelled. 
If you had to choose between Okki-Nokki and Pro-Ject record cleaners....
I have th project and and very happy with it. 
Wilson New Speaker Master Chronosonic
erik_squires1,882 posts04-21-2017 9:53pmThey don't look any more or less hideous than any other Wilson though, do they?? Good point!!!! 
Wilson New Speaker Master Chronosonic
My God, those are hideous!!!! 
Floor Standing Speakers That Would Sound Good With the NAD Integrated Amplifier.
Give Ty Lashbrook with Tyler Acoustics a call. He's one of the "good guys" in the business. I own two sets of his speakers and they perform great with anything I have put in front of them. 
Jm Giels.... RIP
Great band, too bad most folks only know them from their 80's stuff.  
Rogue Audio - Cronus vs Tempest II
samzx12757 posts04-04-2017 8:08pmI am selling my Tempest II with upgraded KT90's from Rogue if you are interested. Just haven't got around listing it yet.Smooth move Ex-Lax !!!!!!! 
After a (weeks) worth of listening...
I've been revisiting PARLIAMENT – MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION this past week, great album. 
Brightest but shortest artistic bursts in the sky
Eric Quincy Tate Group 
List of artists that have never lost quality throughout entire career
Billy Joe Shaver 
Crosley Record Cleaning System
Looks like a SpinClean clone to me. 
Best produced rock albums.........
Glyn who? ;)