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TT Decisions, decisions...
The table has been modified with 23kg of polished gun metal material.Care to claify? 
Keeping TV volume level through 2-channel system
That's how TV and movie audio is recorded. It drives me nuts.Nothing I've tried has tamed the beast. Good luck. 
Should I bypass my Shunyata Hydra power conditioner?
I have to agree with cedargrover. 
Stereophile complains it's readers are too informed.
Did I miss something? 
Android tablet
 Buy an advertisement. 
Where to buy Foundation Designer 2 Speaker Stands
http://www.foundationaudio.ca/   Call and ask them.  
Is there a magic formula for spending on components in a system
Geoffkait sells magic stuff, ask him !!! 
Footers under my speakers double the perceived value of my speakers!
Everyone hang on for the ride!!!! 
How do you go about selling large speakers?
Quit fishing for buyers and buy an advertisment. 
Looking for "perfect" streamer....
Perfect, surely you jest !!!!!  
...do great speakers increase in value over time in the vintage market?
i guess it would depend on how much one is willing to pay for said speakers. 
Happy 80th to Ringo
geoffkait23,313 posts07-07-2020 10:20amIf you think that’s weird Bill Wyman is 83. And a child molester!!!! 
Charlie Daniels has passed away
An icon of several music styles. Rest easy Brother C. 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
You've got to be kidding. 
Happy 80th to Ringo
Keep on keepin' on Brother Richard.