who is this hilariously funny orchestra?

Today i accidently heard part of a tune and all day tried to find who plays it.
Let me describe it. It was an orchestra playing a very well-known classical piece all out-of-tune just for the fun of it. It was hiloriously funny listening all those brass instruments playing very seriosly with wrong tones. Of course these guys are doing this for the fun of it so what i am trying to find is not a piece that is done poorly but a piece that some real proffesional musicians playing wrong just for the fun of it. I really need to know who these guys are to find more about their performances.

thank you.
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Sounds like P.D.Q. Bach, or perhaps another orchestra led by the infamous Peter Schickele (I think I butchered the spelling of his last name).
GUckenheimer Sauerkraut Band - a hoot.
Yeah, Professor does not do that kind of comedy. It agree it is the Sauerkraut band. But I do like PDQ.
I remember the second time I saw PDQ. It was as Davis Symphany Hall in San Francisco. The couple in front of me thought this was to be 'real' symphony playing Bach.

When the Professor lowered himself down onto stage from a rope, you should have seen their expressions.

They left shortly thereafter.
It could be the Portsmouth Sinfonia...
When Peter Schickelie taught at Julliard,he made up a fictional composer named PDQ Bach and used it as a teaching device to make fun of compositional mistakes, by means of contrasts.

They gave performances and put up posters announcing the concerts. They invited people to attend an "Evening of Fine Music.....and PDQ Bach."
I just recently heard something similar to what you describe from the Portsmouth Sinfonia (Swklein is responsible for the spelling, so I take no credit for it, or responsibility if it is wrong either!). I heard it on Greg Kihn's radio show on KFOX. (Yes, that Greg Kihn.)

Amazingly this was a Brian Eno led symphony. It was amazingly bad. So bad it was funny, good. I believe it came out in 1973 or so.
I thought of The Portsmouth Sinfonia as well. I had their first LP from the 70's and currently have a CD compilation of British comedy which contains several of their more memorable performances including the opening to Zarathustra and an orchestral rendition of the overture to "Tommy."
There is an old shaded dog called "Bob And Ray Throw A Stereo Spectacular" (available on CD) Which has some of this stuff on it. Very high quality recording and a lot of fun. I think it was on HP's list back in the day.
At first I though of Spike Jones, but those guys were actually good. :-)

Kurt, how can you listen to that imbecile Greg Kihn? ;-) His whorish pimping of any and every product du jour is even sappier than his lousy music. Oy...
AFAIK, the Bob and Ray cut is from one of the Guckenheimer LPs.
Hey 4yanx!

Care to suggest another radio station in the Bay Area?

We have NO good radio stations, especially in the morning in the entire Bay Area! (My friend who moved here from Seattle just shakes his head about the crummy stations here!)

Live 105 (New Rock) sucks beyond comprehension. I am sick to death of Howard Stern. He is so f#cking boring. His shtick is the same day after day, after day, after day, after day. Gee, he has a naked girl on the radio, ooh, how original. Except for the fact that he had a naked girl on the day before, and the day before that, etc.....
When he isn't on, they play a significant percentage of rap music. (Yuck!!)

104.9 (The other new rock station) is slightly better, but not much. Their DJs are morons, making Greg Kihn look like Einstein. Plus, they also play even more rap music. (Double Yuck!!)

KSJO (Rock) has Mikey. Nuff said there? (A Howard Stern wannabe. And a bad one at that!) Better music though, and no rap music. Yeah!

KFOG's program director should be stood against the wall and shot; his programing is so boring. My 3 year old has better taste than that. (I might as well be listening to KOIT, the light rock station!) And their DJs are so liberal that they make Barbara Boxer look like a Republican. (yuch!!)

I have been reduced to either listening to Classic Rock with Greg Kihn or just listening to the news station.

(Yeah, I know I could listen to Classic Rock with Lamont and Tanneli on "The Bone", and I do sometimes, but I have gotten rather tired of their shtick as well. While they were on KSJO they at least had a better music selection.)

Why is there not a decent new rock station, that does NOT play f#cking rap music, or have some lame DJ's (that talk way too f#cking much!) in the entire bay area?!

Kurt, you are singing to the choir, man, and have echoed my sentiments almost exactly. KFOG is about all I listen to for rock, of sorts, and only after about 6:00. It is otherwise banal at all other times.

If you are into jazz, and have a decent antenna, try 91.1 KCSM, a very nice respite from the rap and crap. For another alternative, try KISS 98.1 which is now Classic R&B Soul - not bad!

But you're right, for rock - this area SUCKS! OTOH, if you like salsa.... My problem with KFOX is that they think there is only one or two songs on every LP and that most artirsts recorded only the one LP- HOW BOUT A LITTLE FREAKING VARIETY?! And, I won't even mention the compression......... :-0
If you are within range, the best radio resources on the Peninsula are KFJC and KZSU, the two college stations. Just about the only places you can hear interesting new music outside of Internet radio.