best power cord for Jadis Orchestra Reference

I am looking for another power cable for my Jadis (preferably used for under 500). I have used the Shunyata Python Helix with tremendous success. I can't afford to spend 1000's on new cables just to audition without some valuable suggestions from other Jadis users.
Thanks for any input.
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If you are in the US, you can use The Cable Company. They'll send you whatever you want to demo first. One the Jadis, I've heard the ESP Essence. They work well on just about any amp. I use them myself. Richard Grey PC is another very good choice. If you can't demo first, the ESP and RGPC are pretty safe picks as far as PC's go. But always demo first if you can.
Buy a MAGIC power cord from for around $80, you'll quit spending a lot on power cords :-) Dave is an awesome guy to deal with there.
Since I have the same amp I suggest a Synergistic Research power cable. If you have not upgraded the A/C outlet I would do that first and also the fuse to your amp. With Synergistic Research you can audition the fuse and A/c outlet and if not happy send them back.

Either The Cable Company or High End Electronics can ship to you and both are good about Synergistic Research product returns.
I would recommend Purist warmer or Stealth more dynamic.