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Rolling Stones Mono Box Set (lp or cd)
I was delighted to find that the entire 15-disc collection is available on Tidal.  
List of musicians changed career with better success...
>Pat Metheny and Mike Brecker who started with Joni Mitchel...That's some bad info there. 
Bad sound from new ATC SCM19s
Yes, break in. And experiment with placement, and keep experimenting. If you are still unhappy, see if your dealer will make a house call and advise you. After that, if you are still not happy, see if you can return or exchange the speakers. ATC i... 
Larsen Loudspeakers
I had a pair of Larsen 8s for the better part of 2015. They are handsome and work very well up close to the front wall. Surprisingly good bass and they throw an expansive sound stage, which they paint more with broad brushstrokes than with detaile... 
Considering buying a CD transport
I'm intrigued by the Pro-ject CD Box RS, but have not auditioned it. Well under your budget. 
Looking for the good sounding Pre Amplifier
Since you say you love the sound of your NAD with the CD player connected directly but need a way to control volume, I strongly recommend you try a passive preamp. In all likelihood, it will preserve that sound you love better than any active prea... 
San Jose, CA
The SF Audiophile Society (I'm the membership director) is inclusive of the entire Bay Area. I do appreciate the desire to get clubs together at a very local level, just want to be sure you know about us. http://sanfranciscoaudiophilesociety.com/ 
Your favorite recent discovery
Gretchen Peters, BlackbirdsJoan Shelley, her two albums 
The brand name of the speakers on the TV show
Audioconnection, next time use the markup tags function to create a link with a nice, short title. 
The brand name of the speakers on the TV show
It was the Vandersteen Treo on The Good Wife. Also a piece of Ayre electronics, probably an AX-7E integrated. I can take some credit for this. A friend runs a product-placement firm in Hollywood. He got a call with a request for exotic-looking spe... 
VAC Signature 2a Preamp Question
it is a rack update time for youI think he's right, Alon. 
Speaker suggestion for Pass Labs Int-150
Another recommendation for Larsen speakers. They are designed to go up against the wall and I'm very confident they would work superbly with your Pass amp. 
High value, high efficiency speakers for SET amps
There's something incredibly off-putting on the Tekton website. Go with Zu. 
Is the Dunlavy SC-3A's a good speaker for HT?
I have a pair of SC-IIIA's that need a new home, if anyone is interested. SF Bay Area, 
Your thoughts about ATC loudspeakers
Great responses, everybody. Thank you.The new SCM40 apparently features a new, ATC-designed tweeter. Not sure how it compares to whatever they were using before.