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Great Classical Recordings
I have Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos by Jordi Savall ALIA Vox SACD      1991 Very Good. This is much better than the original LP or CD but, imho, it ain’t a great recording. OTOH, it is a great performance. I was not referring to this recordi... 
Great Classical Recordings
Beethoven Symphonies 5&7, Weiner Philharmoniker, Carlos Kleiber DG  1975 / 1976 / 2003    SACD This is much better than the original LP or CD but, imho, it ain't a great recording.  OTOH, it is a great performance. Any recording by Jordi... 
Line level surround input
Aside from low-level stuff like Logitech and Areal, there are many individual speakers and speaker pairs that will accept analog line-level inputs.  They are referred to as active speakers and you can buy as many as you need.  Few are packaged as ... 
If you feed a DAC with USB does XLR matter as much?
Does running XLR matter as much if you use a USB input from a streamer instead of an AES/EBU from a good transport?   These things are independent and the choice for DAC input has no impact on the choice for DAC output.    
a remarkably basic question about Roon
So, if I get Roon, would I be doing the same thing from the Roon app on my laptop or phone? You would be controlling it from your laptop or phone but, as the previous poster says, the Roon Core is doing the work and it will reside on your lapto... 
Digital power cord for tube amp?
It will work fine if it can handle the requisite amperage. Bye. Lots of silly stuff follows.  
Digital power cord for tube amp?
In layman's terms, there is no such thing as digital power cord, heavy duty or otherwise.  Power cords convey AC (60Hz sine-wave and analog).  
Why do all Mahler recordings seem too bright?
I also stand by my other comment that many recordings are brighter than they ought to be. Treble energy dissipates in the concert hall. However, the way orchestras are recorded - with a mic at most stands - does not recreate the balance heard mid... 
Why do all Mahler recordings seem too bright?
Thanks to @kr4 - for recommending some that are better. I don't necessarily regard them as "better."  I just recommended them in the hope that they might seem "better" for you.   
Why do all Mahler recordings seem too bright?
I can understand that to some degree.  You might try one of these: Stenz/Koln on Oehms Vanska/Minnesota on BIS Fischer/BFO on Channel  
Is digital optical audio worth it?
For a simple sound-bar, it does not really matter.  
Monitor Audio Silver 300’s vs Martin Logan Motion 40’s
imhififan  said:   Perhaps the Silver 300 is defective! That is a distinct possibilty but surprising that both are.  I wonder about  it because I would not say that any of the MA Silvers I've used had a reticent HF.  If anything, the opposite.  
Dirac - worth activating?
Anyone still remember the brand: AURAL ACOUSTIC?
Aural Acoustics was a loudspeaker company that I founded many decades back.  What product are you referring to?  
Monitor Audio Silver 300’s vs Martin Logan Motion 40’s
Two main issues should be addressed and these would apply to any speakers you might choose.1.  Room is almost a cube and needs real treatment and/or EQ for bass.2.  Couch up against the rear wall is creating midrange cancellations.  Need more spac...