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Attention: Debussy-loving audiophiles
USB DAC cable over 15ft - Solutions?
I see used Corning cables available as well as new USB-C versions..  
USB DAC cable over 15ft - Solutions?
Corning Optical USB.  I use a 10m version, the shortest one. 😊  
Your Most Prominent Audio Component
8th-note wrote: The neuron issue relates to an interesting idea about analog vs. digital. Most audiophiles (I think) believe that our brains and nervous systems work on an analog model. Our nervous system, however, much more closely resembles a d... 
Your Most Prominent Audio Component
If neurology can be likened to capacitors and resistors then technically we are the most important component, and the variations from one human to the next vastly exceed the variations in components. That’s a non sequitur. The standard model of... 
Help me identify speakers - AR90s? Value and replacement cost?
And I've never seen any in White.  From the spatter spray on the back panel, I suspect that the white "finish" is a DIY job.  
Looking for a WiFi interface
Yes.  Run some wires to eliminate drop-outs and avoid the latency/delay inserted by any of the wireless links.  I run S/PDIF over Cat6 to my surrounds.  
Revel Performa3 Cabinet Defect
When I bought my three Revel Studio2s, it was necessary for Revel to send me 6 because I kept getting defective ones.  2 were with cosmetic  issues in the veneer and one had a vertical crack in the veneer on one side from top to bottom.   Get it ... 
Symphonic on Screen.
If the OP enjoys watching and listening, he should look into the Berlin PO's Digital Concert Hall.  It is a marvelous resource for its recorded library as well as its live programs.  
Music streamer capable 24/96 PCM output on DSD files
JRiver (or equivalent software) and a mini PC/Mac/LinuxBox.  
I want to replace the router/modem Comcast with a high quality for streaming
I have an outstanding main system and headphone system (see my profile)… that sounds like it is hardwired… but is using wall wart extenders. That's a very rare recommendation in favor of AC-line extenders.    
Why don't they record in ‘surround stereo’?
emergingsoul OP wrote: @kr4 Thought everybody knew that If I had been following the thread (and not just jumping in at random to see the latest post), I would have realized that. OTOH, apparently it bears repeating. 😉  
Why don't they record in ‘surround stereo’?
roxy54 wrote: By the way, "surround stereo" is a mismomer @emergingsoul . Stereo by definition is 2 channel. That is not correct. The term "stereo" derives from the Greek word for "solid" and is applied to reproduction by 2 or more channels. ... 
Budget preamp with quality volume control
Since the Topping preamps are all analog, they will support neither PCM nor DSD at any resolution.   
No HDMI out from 4K 85" Sony
SP3 predates ARC.