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I've been selling heavier gear for lighter gear
Earlier this year sold 110lb speakers and bought kef blade 2 (80 lbs & easy to maneuver).  ........................................................................... Anyhoots, who else factors in the tonnage of the gear they buy? Any other... 
For Room Correction DSP/Software- How often do you use it?
I use it all the time. OTOH, I recalibrate it only when something in the system or room is changed or replaced.  
Snake oil of the year?
Eh.  I was unimpressed with it.  (Scroll down a bit to AQVox.)    
Install A Dedicated AC Line at home
I hired my regular local licensed electrician. I showed him the JPS outlets and cable and he smirked but did the work anyway. At the end, he told me that the JPS cable was the easiest cable he has ever worked with and asked me what it cost. When I... 
Install A Dedicated AC Line at home
A licensed electrician?  
Topping Pre90 Switching op amps?
It is I and I really wonder about adding a "tube buffer" to the Topping.  Seems counterproductive.    
LP stores in Portland, Maine
Last time I was there, about 7 years ago, most of the local shops that I had visited earlier had disappeared.  I recall only one, at that time and there was little classical. ☹  
NYC Audio Show 32nd street and Broadway
Seeing some old friends.  
Unusual Old School Way of Wiring Speakers
It generally requires having a special added driver in each speaker.  It was developed by Bob Carver and marketed, to this day, by Polk.  See .  
HDMI cables for I2S
All the standard HDMI cables are compatible.  That is why the users of I2S chose it.  The issue of compatibility comes into consideration in terms of the devices at either end of the cable.  There are several standards for those and one must insur... 
Topping Pre90 Switching op amps?
If you want the sound of the pre90 without the hassle, then the Benchmark LA4 is the best bet. True but the price differential was unacceptable.  (I needed 3, now 4.) Nota bene:  The OP was asking about swapping op-amps in the Pre90, not amps ... 
exaSound s82 DSD512 Stereo Streaming DAC?
It is listed as Class A but I did the review.  
exaSound s82 DSD512 Stereo Streaming DAC?
Sure.  Why does that matter?  
exaSound s82 DSD512 Stereo Streaming DAC?
I am guessing that it is the 2-channel version of the s88 (Mk. II) that I own and reviewed.   See:    
Hint:  Change your Wi-Fi frequency to avoid interference with neighbors router
Maybe the real solution is for audiphiles to buy homes on 30 acres of land? In most cases, switching to wired ethernet will be cheaper. 😉