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Recommend a Pre/Pro for $250?
Get a used Oppo BD player and use it as both transport and preamp. 
Stacking subs to save space
Stacking them will permit them to couple and slightly increase output.  OTOH, they will both be subject to the same room-boundary effects, effectively increasing the magnitude of those peaks and nulls.I'd prefer them separated and placed asymmetri... 
DACs with High Voltage Output
Benchmark DAC3 
Another Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0 Mod - Help Kal R?
I took a vacation from Audiogon.  When I stumbled on my prior post, I could not resist replying. 
Another Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0 Mod - Help Kal R?
Just not here for a while. 
Another Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0 Mod - Help Kal R?
I just got back?!?!?!?Schematics are at AudioAsylum. 
DSP Capability
" Down convert the signal to 96 kHz?"Nope.  As we know now, they downconvert to 48kHz. 
One can dream - ultimate ripping/streaming set up
Or you can buy a Nimbie, rip the bulk of your CDs and then resell it. 
Thoughts about the Magico A3, Revel Salon2/ Studio2
seasdiamond wrote: Rubinson's high frequency hearing must be pretty limited at this point. I don't see how anyone could think the Salon 2 or F228BE are indistinguishable. The F228BE is a more forward speaker and clearly has more energy above ... 
Thumbs up for ultrasonic record cleaning
fsonicsmith wrote: I apologize for digressing, but JA and his buddy Kal Rubinson still insist that Benchmark DAC's are among the best and yet consumer after consumer on the various audio Boards express their regret for having bought one.AFAIK, I h... 
Subwoofer works on blu-ray but not on TV?
How have you set up bass management for each input? 
Streaming vs traditional
Despite denials, there are many multichannel hi-rez downloads but it depends on genre.  There are more real (from hi-res original recordings and not up-mixed) multichannel hi-res files in classical. 
2018 CES for High End Audio
I've been going for more than 20 years and 2017 was the last for me.  Some interesting stuff but not enough for the cost and bother of the trip. 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
Ha!  While there are disagreements among us about what sounds best, that is nothing compared to the range of opinions about what looks good or  bad.   For example, my wife actually likes the new 802D3 and hates purely rectangular shapes.  In addit... 
Why are tweeters so high off of the ground in many tower speakers...
....................... I can say the Artemis EOS were one of my favorite speakers I've ever owned. I never owned them but I loved them.