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Need advice/opinion in choosing Vandy 2ci or Thiel 1.5
Thanks for all the great advices and all seems to steer me to the Vandys' direction which I don't think we can go wrong. I may miss some transparency from the Thiel's but it could be a big gain for my son based on his preferred choice of music and... 
Need advice/opinion in choosing Vandy 2ci or Thiel 1.5
@ soix The 1.5's average output is ~4 Oms so you're right, it may require high current amp. I have a 40w/c tube Class A integrated amp so hopefully in puts out enough juice in a relatively 10 x 12 x 8 room.@ holmz  I like option 1 and 2. Thanks... 
Need advice/opinion in choosing Vandy 2ci or Thiel 1.5
I wish Audiogon has a Like button soon...  I like your idea and what you meant.  
Need ideas to match a pair of monitor with 40WPC tube amp
I really appreciate everyone so far with your suggestions. Your ideas prompt me to add more information about my references. I like to listen to pop rock, jazz, blues, chamber, male/female vocals. Background music is Cinemix all days when I'm work... 
Thiel Owners
I almost bought a pair of CS2.3 but the owner doesn't have the original boxes therefore I'm leary to have them shipped in a different boxes. If I don't like them it's tough to sell without original their original boxes. Did you have a chance to au... 
need to find out maker of these speakers? any help
C'mon gentlemen..Tony is 70ish and may have forgotten a thing or two... 
Does anyone still miss the old Audiogon format?
With the new format and the communication protocol between members, and the way that you're allowed to post your ad,etc..I'm sensing that there's always a "big brother" watching over my shoulder as if I'm about to do something wrong and will get s... 
Is Gold Aero still in business?
They are long gone at least for 10 yrs now. They used to upgraded tubes for Mesa Baron tube amp back then when I was one of their dealers. 
John Barnes...RIP
It's a very sad news..I met John a few times at CES and he seemed to be a great person and a very successful high end audio dealer in CO.He will be missed by many friends and customers in the audio industry. 
Records weights or pucks -heavy or light?
Be careful with heavy weight clamp as it can affect your bearing. Your turntable's bearing only can tolerate up to certain weight including the platter. Check with sumiko first. 
Opera Tebaldi
I have them on my floor.Yes, they deserve a big room with all those drivers. I have them at least 4 feet from back and sides, slightly toe in for best sound. Spread them at least 8.5ft apart. 
Shelby Lynn: Just a Little Lovin LP
First issue was horrible. Record was warp and noisy. Haven't heard the 2nd reissue. Music is quite good. 
Vandersteen 3A sigs, whats wrong here.
Richard Vandersteen is still around. You can contact him and describe the symptoms. May be an easy problem such as swapping out bass drivers if there's defective one. 
Vandersteen 3A sigs, whats wrong here.
I would match high quality/powerful solid state or hybrid amp to drive them towers. 
Benz Wood SL Very lean from the start
Lean,thin,a little bright are common for any cartridge when you first play it. Benz recommends at least 40hrs to break it in. I prefer Wood SL over Glider most set up but without knowing the rest of your system (turntable,arm,SS or Tube amp,speake...