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H2O Audio: Anyone know how to get in contact with Henry anymore?
I am so sad to read this. Henry was such a nice guy. I heard Apogee Scintillas at his house for the first time when he lived in Richmond.        
Maybe I should Airbnb my house for $5000 per night during Axpona.  Will consider Audio note gear in partial trade. Hope no one is offended that I didn’t run an official Audiigon advertisement for this!  
Switched to Reimyo 777 dac/Lumin streamer and great experience with Audio Archon
+2 for Mike Kay!!  
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Beveridge Electrostats. Sold my 2sw's and later bought the original 2's.    
The Big Misconception About Electricity
I found the video fascinating.  Thanks for posting!  
Need some advise please on a 30 year old system
I agree to find a reputable dealer who can repair and sell the equipment on Consignment.This level equipment will not be stripped for parts.  It was great when it was purchased and with some care is still excellent.  Many on this forum believe tha... 
Ohm Walsh F Hope of Resurrection
Congratulations on bringing the speakers back to life! Did you mention where you ultimately got them serviced? 
Ohm Walsh F Hope of Resurrection
Douglas,              You could talk to Dave Cox of Puckerbrush Audio in Norway Maine.  Dave is a Ohm speaker collector and has worked on a number of Ohm f's over the years. He is a friend and has worked on such speakers as a couple of JBL Paragon... 
Yesterday's Spinners
George,              Which older spinners do you recommend? Currently using anold Pioneer elite laserdisc player.Bob 
Passing of an Audiogon Member
I felt quite shaken about hearing of Ezra’s death. Ezra was so full of life that it is hard to reconcile that he is no longer with us. He was quite a character who seemed to always need new Toys every few months. After being told that this was the... 
Snell Type A
where are you located? You probably should run an advertisement on Audiogon. 
A long and winding road down memory lane . . .
Dave Cox of Puckerbrush Audio in Norway Maine has restored and modified many of the Apt Holman preamps. He has restored many pieces for me and does great work. 
Tekton Design Moab
MC, I am thrilled you love the speakers!! I thought they sounded great at Teajay’s for ridiculous money. The other speaker that many should also consider is the Perfect SET which is 1/2 a Moab but still a very large speaker. It is around 2K and wo... 
Tekton Design Moab
Glad you are enjoying them. As I said before they are double Perfect SETs. For about $2k, the Perfect SET is a ridiculously good speaker. The Perfect SET is a very large speaker in its own right! Of course we occupy a different place in this world... 
Tekton Design Moab
Miller, I hope you love them! What will you drive them with? Not sure where you live but they will make sheltering in place like we still have in Illinois much more palatable! As you know they are a double Perfect Set which is also a great speaker...