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What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
Not useless but completely overpriced Shun Mook LP Clamp $3200.00 ! I'll sacrifice the improvement over my Purist clamp and use the monies for tubes etc. 
Jadis DA-7
Brooks Berdan Ltd in Monrovia Ca. sells Jadis and they are familier with the Defy 7.Sam 
Does anyone use wood for vibration control?
I prefer maple butcher block under my Joule Musicwood amps and a harder material under the Joule Mk III amps.The rest of my shelves are Black Diamond Racing carbon fiber shelves under the TT, pre, phono and CD. 
Wilson Audio Sasha 2 for small room?
Any movement on a decision about the Sasha 2 ? 
Wilson Audio Sasha 2 for small room?
Can you use/add room treatments ?  
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
Watt/Puppy System 8..........with Joule Electra 160 Mk lll & Mk V amps. 
I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?
Hearing Joule 160's in my system I was moved emotionally to teary eyed from the beauty of the sound, I couldn't stop for 8 hrs + ! 
What area or country do you live in ?
Torrance Ca. a suburb of Los Angles. 
Quicksilver Mono 120 vs. Quicksilver V4
I had V-4's with 3A Sigs & two 2Wq subs the sound was very enjoyable. They were easy to run and problem free, great amps.Randy is the man I went often to visit, listen and learn. I've purchased cables, my Basis 2500, Air Tight PC 1 and all kin... 
Joule-Electra VZN OTL Users- I Need advice!
Hello dumbeat I'm a Joule owner VZN 160's Mk lll and MK 5 Musicwood both of which I still have. I want to respond but need to ck notes etc. BUT !!!  When you are going to leave for more than a few minutes shut these amps off ! Respect the 6c33 and... 
Listening Height Adjustment -- Is This Why Two People Don't Hear the Same?
This is from a Michael Fremer review of the W/P 7.                                           "Wilson's excellent setup guide includes specific vertical angling requirements for the WATT, based on the height and distance from the speaker of the lis... 
What time do you wear?
Apple........ Dick Tracy-ish watch can do more than I'll ever need. 
What is your listening chair?
Ekornes Stressless leather, excellent for long listening sessions. 
Dave Wilson's health
Best wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery ! 
Anybody still using soft rubber isolation devices?
I use Sims Vibration Dynamics Navcom Silencers under all the BDR shelving in my system.