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Power Amplifier To Pair with Klipsch KLF-20's
dont think the OP needs a 250 wpc amp when the speaker he is using is 100 dB sensitivity . 
MGA Mitsubishi Pre-amp DA P 600 FUSE help ! !
You already asked this question and got a reply and it had a link to a site.    You would have to create a username and password to access the info the member sent.a lot of your questions can be answered by doing a simple google search Upgrade
Expect something like that. Only worse. oh, I can hardly wait .all I have heard is that what ever they are using now, they are leaving that and going to google.when this upgrade is to take place...that I dont know. Upgrade
@millercarbon Images. Polls. Members on-line. Ability to turn off annoying spell check "feature".  is that part of the upgrade ? Upgrade
Funny that this request comes from a member with very little forum activity.i have been told that an upgrade to the site is in the works but not sure when it will happen and all that it will entail. 
Does altitude change the sound of speakers??
So if the rooms are not exactly the same, of course there would be a difference in sound. 
What is it you do?
what about Listen and Relax and Enjoy ? 
BATHORY fans ??
doubt  many members will listen to that kind of music.why is it when you click on your moniker name and then Marketplace Feedback, it takes you to the main page of audiogon ?      
Help with Transport
i found this link that might have some useful info!!    i found it by typing in the barclay cabernet corion transport into google !!    here you go!!  
Wolf Ear Audio
just going out on a limb......but he might not be open due to what is going on ?try calling every couple of days . 
Wolf Ear Audio
Send another email or call him . 
Group Challenge - Home lighting, who is in?
@erik_squires nothing ? 
Group Challenge - Home lighting, who is in?
i dont think it has anything to do with the lights in the house..   i think it has to do with the demand of power is less at the later times of the day.why do you think a system sounds good early in the morning and late at night but not so good du... 
How do you sort your LPs?
Just make it easier on yourself and not over think this and just do it alphabetical.while you are at it....make a spread sheet of what you have also and can update as you add to the collection. 
Al Jarreau albums question..
could always go to you tube and listen there first before spending the money on cd's. ?