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What is the protocol here?
@stereo5 I knew about the 4 weeks....BUT we have now gone passed that time....but like I said, I am not going to worry about it.    it will get here when it gets here.              I dont know what is going on at his end of there coul... 
What is the protocol here?
if we all lived in a perfect world, then you would have the item that you paid for by now.....but as you know, we dont live in a perfect there a lack of communication on this....sure there is, and maybe the seller had to leave at the last... 
Buyer request to delay shipment after purchase
don’t think you want to print the label now.....that you would have to wait til your ready to ship.or you can go to the site and setup the shipping date and then the label will be good for that day. 
Buyer request to delay shipment after purchase
Not sure what is so hard about this?if the item has been paid for, then have the buyer contact you when he returns from his vacation and then ship the item,seems pretty easy 
Component Stacking Question
Why not just get some kind of stand?audio advisor has some stands for around $100  
Mytek Brooklyn - What is an actual upgrade?
"    is there a reasonably affordable DAC today that would be an actual upgrade, as opposed to just different?"I am sure that there is....but what do you consider affordable....$1000 ?, $2000?, $3000 ?why do you think you need a different DAC ?      
not trying to be disrespectful in any way.....but to the OP.....arent you at the age now where you could really care less what anybody else thinks about what you have ?so your friend doesnt like the sound of how your system sounds .....big deal.  ... 
Spade vs bare wire
Have never had an issue with locking bananas but have spades loosen up or don’t tighten all the way 
Doing the Power Cord Thing
when looking to buy a power cord for say a amp, how do you know which one to get ?    does a company make a power cord to sound a certain way ? 
Cassette tape
. “I like to get input from the forum and other thoughts before I indulge.”I can never understand why if a person likes something why do they have to get input from other members?Since I have been in this hobby I have been into vinyl, I like it bu... 
Zu Omen MK11 Speakers and Nachamichi Strsis SR 2A Receiver...Good Match ?
You said in your other thread that it sounds good ?if it sounds good, then enjoy it. 
what is the sonic difference between the MG12 QR tweeter and the QR tweeter on the LRS ?
maybe follow this over at AA found this :"According to Wendell, the LRS is all quasi ribbon, whereas the MMG had a wire woofer an... 
PayPal Frustration/Issue Heads-Up 
Songs appear in alphabetical order not correct album track order, why?
Have you tried contacting the companies that make the equipment and explain to them what is going on?maybe they will have a solution or it is something you will just have to deal with. 
Need Counterweight for a Technics SL Q202 turntable
have you tried here :